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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PTPTN repayment under budget 2017 discount

PTPTN repayment under budget 2017 discount

You can now withdraw EPF account 2 to repay PTPTN (under education category) and enjoy the incentive given under budget 2017.

It is indeed quite an attractive offer for those (like me) who had yet finished repayment to PTPTN.

Lets look at the SOP for such withdrawal.

Please ensure that you had already register yourself to have an i-Account with EPF. You may want to check at EPF website for more information on acquiring i-Account. Without i-Account, you could not make this PTPTN repayment via EPF withdrawal. The officer from PTPTN kiosk will inquire you to have your i-Account activated first, then to proceed with the EPF withdrawal for PTPTN repayment.

Go to PTPTN website and search for Bajet 2017 icon. Click on it to enter the statement page.
(The english version of PTPTN website is under maintenance at the moment, hence the link given is for Bahasa)

Once you clicked into Bajet 2017, you will be directed to a login page, where you have to key in you Malaysia ID number with the PTPTN loan number. You can refer to you initial offer letter for your loan number. However, if you had lost any trace of your loan number, you might need to call PTPTN at +603-2193 3000 to inquire for your loan number. You may drop by any PTPTN kiosk for a fast statement check with their officer. Do bear in mind that certain PTPTN kiosk might have huge crowds and hence, it is better to give a ring to their careline.

 Login page under Bajet 2017.
Click on pengesahan baki online to retrieve your current account statement.
You will be directed to this page, where you will have to fill in a bank account number, mobile phone, and personal email as an update to PTPTN system.

Then, you will be able to have you updated statement from PTPTN, with the incentive discount included in the final amount. That final amount will be the total that you have to repay PTPTN from your EPF account 2. Therefore, do make sure that you have more in your EPF account for one lump sum repayment.

Once you have the amount covered and comfortable to have the EPF account 2 withdrawal for PTPTN repayment, you may drive to any nearest PTPTN kiosk to initiate the repayment.

PTPTN officer will require your Malaysia ID card for verification, please do remember to bring along your ID card. (And ensure you have had your EPF i-account activated)

Then, PTPTN officer will start to register into EPF system for education withdrawal. The procedure would not take more than 15 minute. PTPTN officer will advice on the amount to repay PTPTN (it might be slightly more, as PTPTN charges admin fees if the account enter their accounting month after 27th each per month). According to PTPTN officer, they will refund the extra within two to three months time into our EPF account.

Lets take a look at your EPF i-Account login, once you had the withdrawal application submitted via any PTPTN kiosk.

When you log into your EPF i-account, you can click into secured message to check on the update from EPF. Then, they will send in a sms notification to your registered mobile phone number, and you are required to being along documents such as your original and photocopied Malaysia ID, original and photocopied transcript, and lastly original and photocopied scroll from the University/Institution that you had registered to loan this PTPTN. You are given about two weeks time to verify the withdrawal at any nearest EPF counter. If you failed to submit these documents for verification with the two weeks duration, you will have to go through the initial registration at PTPTN kiosk again. Hence, please ensure you will be in the country to run this errand.

As for my submission, EPF had received all relevant documents and verified my thumb prints for withdrawal. However, there is still pending update from PTPTN. According to EPF officer, PTPTN tends to be slower in updating their system upon receiving on the amount. Hence, I was advised to make a call to PTPTN officer to inquire about the repayment settlement after five working days of the EPF verification. 

***update: called PTPTN careline, and the customer service had kindly informed that it might take up to 14 days for the payment to be updated in PTPTN system.***

***update: PTPTN officer had released the settlement letter to me via my registered email with PTPTN. The extra payment had also refunded into my local bank account. However, I had yet to check on the CCRIS removal, as it require me to check with Bank Negara Malaysia.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What the heck, PJ parking summon, AGAIN?!

Okie, it was totally my fault that I am in a rush and did not bother to check the time and punch in a parking ticket on yesterday. It was just simply a visit to Atria, for less than 10 minutes, and there you go... I had a love letter from MBPJ, which will cost me RM 100. Well, I reluctantly accepted this love letter, and kept it inside my bag. Thought of to pay it if there is any early settlement discount or so...However, to my disappointment, there is actually none (I mean, no early payment discount mentioned in the summon ticket). Google-ed and checked some forums, and found out that some had mentioned to pay it at MBPJ office will have discount of 70% and to pay RM30. I am not too sure about this, as I have yet to pay my summon (it is still inside my bag, and I did not have the time yet to visit MBPJ office). Since internet and online payment is widely use in modern days, I thought I can pay it by checking it over at MBPJ website and to double confirm on the settlement.

Sigh... to my disappointment again (or should I not be placing any hope; this is still gov agency, right?) the summon has not even been updated yet to MBPJ website. I am trying to be responsible for my wrong doing, in which parking without displaying the parking ticket was indeed wrong; and I am willing to pay the summon. However, look at this kind of system, will you ever felt that you wanted to pay for it, when you could not even check it via online system? To drive over to MBPJ at Jalan Yong Sook Lin at PJ (mind you, we have to find parking again when reached there!) is hectic and cumbersome to most of us. Some of us whom are not local, and we would not want to trouble ourselves to run this errand thinking that we might ended up lost or creating another summon for us. It is still, best to have a proper system for us to pay our fine, and to get this done. Although many had mentioned that local authority summon would not cost us any harm, yet, I know it is my responsibility to pay that frigging fine (which I am indeed wrong at the beginning).

>>Update: The summon had been uploaded by MBPJ to their site, however, after I had paid for it using my credit card since 25th Feb, there is no update on the status of this payment. I had experience a few unfortunate event, in which Ii had to drive to MBPJ office to check on the mentioned summon, and there is nothing much they can do for me, but to pass my case to their IT department instead. Luckily, on of their IT staff is quite friendly and helpful, and willing to check it  out for me on their system. However, nothing much she can do, as she had mentioned to me that there might be slow update from their finance department which had caused the MBPJ summons pending update on payment status.

To check your summon from MBPJ, you might want to visit this link (it might be down, since they need to update summons and etc).

Monday, September 14, 2015

Confused mind

There, time passed but yet with this confused mind.

Should have this memories kept aside, but emerged as dreams to haunt.

Perhaps, that could be perhaps.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lost my wallet and what to do with it?

Well, it occurred to me that I had lost my wallet without me realizing it, until the very next day when I searched for my wallet to check on my cash.

Might had dropped it near my friend place near Puchong, might had lost it while heading to the car under heavy rain from a Puchong Yong To Fu place... also, I might had misplaced it which I could not recall at all! Called to all the banks to blocked all my debit cards, credit cards, and atm cards (what to do, poor people like me do not have much cash on hands and need cards to survive).

Hence, my friend quickly drove me to a nearby ID registration counter (JPN) to get my ID replaced. Unfortunately, I have to pay RM100 fine for misplacing my ID card and this compound apply to any missing Malaysian ID. I had asked if we were to prove it with a police report, will it be removed? And the answer for it is NO. The compound apply to any type of reasoning. I guess this is the newest terms and condition to ask the public to take care of their ID? I actually also do not want to lost my ID card if were to be given a choice, but what to do?!

Secondly, I called to inquire from JPJ if replacement of lost driving license require to have a police report. The helpline office told me that it is not required, and one will have to show their temporary ID to enable the driving license replacement. However, we have to get a colored passport size photo with white background for JPJ to scan as the new driving license photo. We went to JPJ at PJ state and paid my fine RM20 for card replacement.

 Thirdly, went to bank to have my debit and atm cards replacement. You might not allowed any debit/atm card replacement by bank if you can not provide three supporting documents to the bank.

1. Your temporary ID
2. Your driving license
3. Your passport (or birth certs for those who do not have passport)

You might be able to have your card replacement if you are getting it at your home branch (the branch that you open the account). Home branch is able to identify your supporting documents faster (as not much verification required), hence you can provide them your temporary ID and driving license for card replacement.

The only problem with bank especially local bank is that, you have to wait for more than an hour for such matter. There is one bank that even ran out of atm/debit card for conventional account (non-islamic account).

One good thing about this M*ybank credit card is that once I called to blocked my card, they told me 4-5 working days  to deliver the cards to the branch that I wish to collect them. Amazingly, I only need to wait for 24 hours, and the very next day, M*ybank called me to collect the card at the branch! That's way faster that the so-called C*t*bank which told me their courier will only reach me 4-5 days later and my debit card also will be from normal post which will be 7 days later.

P/S: I read in some forum that if you show police report, you can get the fine waved. I am not too sure about this. you might walk in to a JPN counter and ask for this. Also, I read that one can only report lost of their ID not more than 5 times. After that, you will be given a red ID.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Tis the season too be jolly....

Wishing all to have a wonderful, joyous and blessed Christmas!


Happy New Year 2015!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Went to this newly open cafe called Flavourest.

What had caught my attention is their melting chocolate pie a.k.a smores pie. Pastry crust at the bottom with melted chocolate topped with lightly burned marshmallows. I kinda prefer this to another cafe's smores pie as I found out that this crust is lighter and blend nicely with the melted choco.

Since I asked for chefs' recommendation, I had been given this tom yum (seafood) spaghetti. I would prefer to have my tom yum slightly more towards to sour (more lime juice perhaps) and to have the fragrant of kaffir lime leaves. 

 This chicken burger is another chef recommended which is served for dinner time only. The chicken patty was juicy and tender. It was served with cucumber pickles, tomatoes, fresh lettuce accompanied with fries and their house-salad. I like to have pickles served with burger, in which I found out that this pickles is slightly too salty to me (I prefer to have my pickles sweet and sour with lightly salted taste). Overall, I do kinda likes  this burger and perhaps with own-made fries/wedges will make this a better choice for me.

Besides this, they bake 3-D cakes, as you can find out for more at this link

46-G ,zenith corporate park , Jln ss7/26 ,kelana jaya

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse

Dreamt of Zombie Apocalypse.

Again, I had had strange dream which is like a horror movie story. In this dream of mine, I had been thrown into a flight, which something weird had happened during the cruising. The flight had a violent turbulence and it caused the plane to twist and in the whole plane, there were 3 survivors, after it crashed.

However, non of those whom arrived in the crash scene realized there were survivors, and placed us (2 of my friends, and me) with all the dead bodies. Right before the bodies were destroyed, 3 of us managed to free ourselves and run for our life! This had created questions of why those plane crashed victims bodies were destroyed in fire instead standard operating procedure to identify the victim, and revert to the next of kin. I had strange feeling while running for our life in a deserted place.

My friends and I were in shocked, and yet we had to look for a place to hide. We found a tunnel, which connect to a small wooden chapel, and inside the chapel, there was a hidden runway which had to be unlock with some key codes. Fortunately for us, there was a book which was placed on a shaky wooden bench, and there were some clues to unlock the mystery key codes.

Once the runway was opened, there were few persons whom were looking for us approaching the chapel and that had caused all 3 of us great panic and fear. Little for us to know, all those people were trying to kill 3 of us with axes. Why would they want to kill us? Once 2 of my friends slide carefully to the open runway, I heard the axes chopping to destroy the wooden chapel. Hurried with all my might, I managed to kick one of the attacker when his axes were stuck in the wooden door. There was a button to destroy the mystery key codes which will then demolish the setup of the chapel and cover the runway opening. Since I went down last, I had taken chances to push the button and all in a sudden, it was total silence and dark.

I reached out for 2 of my friends, and found out that they were too scared to run. On the other hand, I am too weak to push all of us to a safer place when out in the blue, an axe flung into our way. Since we had no way to hide, and no way to run, we had choose to confront those men and fight for our lives! To our horror, those men were whispering to each other about killing us and destroy the bodies by burning. By the time they reached us, they were surprised.

I had wonder what had caused them to halt their killing, and why they had not proceed with it? One of the man stood up and took the lead to speak with us. I had inquired them, to cease the killing, as we had did nothing wrong and we were victims of a crashed plane which we were lucky to be the survivors. The man looked amazed, and replied that they were killing zombies. They had information that the plane which we boarded was infected with a killer virus that will cause walking dead flesh, as the virus will then control the body and creating an illusion of walking zombie. The human flesh will rotten, but will regenerate again and again with more bloody flesh where no human can endure such great pain. The authority had known about such virus had infected one of the passenger, and within few minutes after the plane went into cruising, the virus were spreading rapidly. Hence, they had to create a scenario which caused the plane crashed like it was in a natural disaster and all dead bodies had to be burnt to avoid the spreading of the virus.

The man whom stood up and explained to us approached nearer and nearer...

My friends and I could not believe our eyes... the man looks like a walking dead flesh, which popping eyes, red veins, bloody smells, and his steps were heavy. I had then asked him to explain on why killing us, since we survived. He had replied with a heavy sigh and slowly raised his axes high with an act of killing. He told us that he had to stop the spreading, as he had first started it. After killing us, he then be killed by his fellow men.

Just as he swung his axes towards us.... I closed my eyes to let it all happened, and when I opened my eyes again, I realized I am actually sleeping on my own bed. It was just a nightmare, a bad dream that haunts... Therefore, I could not help but to write this as a dreamt of zombie apocalypse.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

Should you be annoyed when all you wanted is to be left alone?

I had this feeling which I would say that I am annoyed, whenever I wanted to be alone in peace and without any disturbance. Yes, as an introvert, I would prefer to be left alone in my own world, deep thinking about things which I would like to solve. I do not attach to affection, nor compassion. Please do not try to show me all these in a hope that I will return in favor.

I would rather you just step aside, continue what are you doing best, and do not interrupt me. I dislike people whom open my door without even bother to knock! And when you have knock, you better make sure you have your valid reason to knock that door. I wish not to be disturbed while I am asleep. My sleep is very much precious to me. Please do not knock on my door when I am fast asleep.

I have to say that, if you are going to ever wanted to interrupt my life, you should mind your own business.  I do not need another person to mess up my life, which I felt that this is personal and individual. Hence, please stop creating unnecessary knock, conversation, and  questioning. You know I do not like it, and why bother to do so?

I pledge to you, please do not step in my life as I did not cross my line. Thanks.