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Friday, September 7, 2007

Depends of wat title u wan!!!

Can u really trust a fren? For me, my trust to a fren depends to da personality of the fren.During the youth period...i alwiz thought that fren is your most trustable person in your life..coz they not only will help you to keep your very own secret from your parents..but also help you to keep trouble away. My principle for my fren is very simple n clear. I am their fren..and alwiz their fren. Even though I felt hurt wen my fren left me because of betrayal..and also disroyalty. Some fren are juz so mean. They dun even wanna bother you wen they had their own fren..whom were thought to be better than you. And whenever you r feeling down and sad..the rest juz turn you down..and who else do you think of in this time? Of cos..the fren that you had betrayed. I had seem too many kinds of fren...that make me so sick of pretender. I couldn't help but juz to stand firm in my new principle in making fren..which is...whoever you can trust to be a fren...can be you fren..but those you doubted..don't even think of it. That's surrounding...r full of those who only wanna be fren wif you..becoz they thought you r worth to be fren..bcoz you have the value to be fren..n becoz you had the potential to be used and betrayed. That's all.. It's a dog eat dog world..even when making fren..without any doubt is so hard. Tell you frankly..I myself had experience the ugliest friendship for until this very moment. But then..because of my first principle of being fren..i still forgive and forget.. Am I really forgetting? No!!! If I had forgotten about can I know I experienced such kind of friendship. But well...Thank God..I still have real n true fren that treat you with all of their heart better than their other half. I really appreciate those friendship than all of you had showered me. Continue on to be my fren. I will alwiz love to be your fren. Juz one important note is that..dun ever used me for your own importance...unless I am willing to do so..I am happy n glad to help fren...whenever..whether you nid me..or dun nid me...juz remember to remember me n keep this fren of yours (ME) in your heart. Betrayal is hard to handle..n it hurt deeper than you thought. Dear frens...dun try to think that there will alwiz be second chance ...opportunity knocks...but not twice.. Frens may come n go... but true n real fren..will alwiz matter wat happen..(except of betrayal n used fren for something bad). Think back...dun you have sweet memories of being a fren with your fren. If you really appreciate your fren... REMEMBER... Friends Are Forever...!!!!Whoever still remember me as their fren...Thank you!!!I love you and May God bless you.

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