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Saturday, September 8, 2007


When a soft voice spoke to me, I drew near to it, I try to listen of what it reads, I wants to ask for who is it, The whisperer countinue to speak, It caught my attention to seek, I search for the voice in the mist, It is hard but Itry my best, In a sudden the voice stop, Replaced by a melodious song, It is so harmony and peaceful, Oh, how sweet and beautiful, There came the voice again, Clearer and nearer to me, Instinct tell me I shall now begin, To ask who will it be? Do not be afraid and come to me, The voice sound like a master it seems, Give me your hand and I shall lead, And off I go walking through the beams, How warm and strong the hand that brings me, I look upon and there I see, How marvelous the place can be, How magnificient the view I see, Love is what I felt, And the sound of joy is what I heard, The voice came to me, And said this is where I live, Remember the kingdom I bring you, There is no secret hidden from you, Faithfully when you ask and seek, And there you shall receive, I am truly puzzled and confused, Of what the whisperer said, Bravely I ask of who, I ask for where I am being taken to, Look and remember where I bring you, And here you shall stay in my kingdom, It is all because I love you, I brought you out for the sake of freedom, Slowly to my realise, Whom the voice is, Whom the whisperer are, Whom the hand belongs to, Oh how stupid am I, my master, Forgive me of my rudeness, How ungrateful am I, my saviour, Forgive me of my unthoughfulness, May my peace be with you my brothers and sisters, May my peace with you all my people, May you found favour in me, And life of everlasting it shall be, These were the sentences I heard, Before I came to conscious, Join me and believe in this shepherd, Also the lamb which is so precious. Copyrights Reserved. This is seriously an original writing by SP. Thank you.

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