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Saturday, September 22, 2007

What an ugly experience!!!

Today my sister and I went to this; one of the well-known cakes delight cafe called SR to dine in during fast-breaking time. What an experience. We ordered plain water from them and they insisted us to take "sirap" instead because they don't have any spare cup, glass or whatever to serve us the plain water. So we agreed to take the "sirap" as they hardly can provide one during that time. After much observation at the table around us, there were mostly occupied by those who wanted to break fast. Well, I guess it's a norm to see such thing during fasting season. I saw those from the table opposite my sight ask for another "sirap" and I know it because theopposite table is actually very near to us...and my sister's back facing their dine table. So, I guess that they can provide this FOC "sirap" for upon request maybe as their month of promotion or something like that? My sister's friend go ahead and ask one of the waiter if there is any refill upon request. The waiter answered yes but we have to wait to be served because they're all buzy serving other customers. We nodded ok..and we waited for the refill patiently. Minutes by minutes gone and there was no sight that the waiter will be serving us the refill so I decided to ask the manager who was just in time passing by about our refill. He quickly answered "Sorry, we DO NOT provide any refill". Feeling cheated, we ask them why would they answered Yes in the first place since they do not provide refill. Are they looking down on us as we don't have enough money to pay? Or are they serving based on skin colour, since most of them are there to break fast...and they are even served with some kurmas for any dine-in and take away. Is it because we are not fasting and we cannot take the kurma? Is it because we are not fasting we cannot ask for any refill? Since they do not provide refill, why do i saw and heard they table opposite me (behind my sister) ask for another and they gave them as soon as possible? I simply cannot believe that there is still some place which is similiar to the highly distributed e-news online about one of the fast food chain namely PizzaH. They were once believe to be racist as they put in the race column in their bill and the sender who attached the bill insisted that they are actually doing the column for their convenience to charge the customer bill. They will have no service charge for those stated with "M" in the column and there will be service charge for those with other initial such as "C", "I" and etc. What do they mean? There were also ugly Malaysian attitude to be shown as before my sister and I decided to dine in SR, we tried out others such as MF, PizzaH, NanD and etc for walk-in dine-in. They insisted us to find other place as they are full. All we saw were empty places even without the sign "Reserved" and they said it was full. They apologised saying that they wanted to give priority to those who wanted to break fast as the time is near. I was like.."WTF" How can they be like that? Didn't they have first-come first-served base? SH!T. They are just ruining Malaysian tolorence and harmony.If there is anymore third incident that happen to show that we Malaysian is actually still pratising second class citizenship; it mean we are actually not yet independent although we're celebrating so.We are lying to ourselves. Wake up Malaysians, wake up!!! Is it because our origin is from other we are classified as secondclass citizen? If so, why we are called Malaysian?

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