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Monday, December 31, 2007

I can still...

I can still hear the laughter,
Which both of us shared together,
The sweetest memory ever,
That I will keep forever,

I can still see the smile,
That is so tender and mild,
Which captured my eyes upon you,
And it happened out of the blue,

I can still taste the sweetness,
Which slowly turned to bitterness,
And fear all surrounding me,
I felt trapped in the wanna be,

I can still sense the touch,
That is so soft and smooth,
Yet torns are hidden in between,
And try to show up their own glimp,

I can still feel the pain,
Which left me in darkness and vain,
And I felt hopeless all the way,
Without you to guide my way,

I can still see the hope,
That you had promised to leave for me,
And I am still searching for the truth,
In your lies that forever in my memory.

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