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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am damn speechless

Today I read something totally irritating for my eye and for my mind. Really don't know how to express my "emotion". Thanks to one 'good friend' that make the changes. Really thought I can have a really nice break tomorrow, but it seems that it's all vanish after reading that "bull sh*t" I am indeed totally speechless for what I have read in front of me just now. How could a person being so annoying like that?! I could admit that no one is perfect and it is indeed so that every one made mistakes and anyone can do something really really wrong. But this is a way too much... TOO MUCH... Blaming another isn't a way to move is indeed only a fool will takes such steps. Admitting mistakes need courage...and courages do push a person towards stronger points and become a better person. Being a human is actually fated to do wrong things. It's depending on how we wanted to admend our wrong beings, not to point fingers but to stand in firm that we want to make changes from the mistakes. From this, people not only become smarter, but also willingly takes challenges for their future. That's the mystery of life. If we had that much time in making ourselves blaming others, might as well use the time that left for us to earn ourselves reputation that at last, people couln't help but to agree with our ways of thought. Wouldn't be this is more meaningful?

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