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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I love to complain

I don't know why that recently there are a lot of cases that I felt I want to complain. Just now, I went to Carrefour Subang Jaya to buy some stuff and bumped to a promotion that's really eye-catching. It shown there this 24 cans of Jolly shandy worth RM 22.88. Yes, it's a way too cheap and worth it!!! I quickly jump to the queue to pay for it as I am also rushing to meet some friends later. To my horror, the scanned price shown RM 29.99. I demanded for an explanation and also I wanted to cancel my purchase as it is not the price that I initially saw. As first the cashier said that he will inquire the promoter of this liquor. The promoter answered that they had increased the price just a moment ago (while I am queing). The promoter also explained that the price RM 22.88 was yesterday price tag; and their supervisor just place an order to increase the price a minute ago. I could hardly see any sincerity of the promoter of this booth to solve my problem as the Carrefour cashier personel in-charged said that thay can cancel the purchase but couldn't make the price lower. They insisted that if we were to buy, we had to pay the higher price. As far as I know,(I had been into the consumers rights website for some time in complaining some ridiculous ticket price) that when the consumer saw the differences between more than one pricing amount(either in the price tag shown and scanned into the cashier machine), consumer had the rights to demand to pay for the lowest price tag. Same as to this situation. Even though that I finally didn't purchase the product, but I felt cheated for what I saw. I couldn't believe that they still insisted that they are right. Their irresponsible act was misleading consumer to buy a product with a higher price than what they saw. This is a type of cheating as well. Luckily we are aware of it and can halt this in time. Imagine those who purchase a lot of product and didn't even have time to check the receipt!!! They can cheat RM 5 for one person, imagine that there is 1000 people that bought the same product and didn't take notice the price scanned. **OMG** they are sure d*mn profiting by this misleading method. So, to those who felt that you are also cheated after reading this news; join with me to boycott Jolly Shandy and also to boycott Carrefour as well. They are indeed too reckless in controling their staff in putting price tag. That's why today's incident happened. It might not only happen to me, it might also happen to you, your families, relatives and even friends!!!

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