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Monday, January 28, 2008

Love in between

What would you feel if you were to stuck in between love? There are two person out there coming together almost in the same time trying to win your love as they are really sincere for it. Do you ever felt so heavy hearted to reject one of them? Feeling so hard and guilty to choose and to move...Yet, disaster coming along if choose wrongly. Mistakes had to be paid with pride, and life can be miserable due to certain decision made in the wrong time, at the wrong place and to the wrong person. What would you do if you faced such circumstances? You know how great the pain caused if one walked away with emptiness..but yet you cannot lie to yourself as you are not meant for them. How would you express it out? Yes, everyone will know staright and forward is the most right way that one can think of...but among all who can be really that truthful? Who can tell out the truth without thinking of others or even if this is the only way...people will still hesitate for some time before planning to move on. In such a situation, even the most rational person will be blank for moment before proceeding to the focus point. Being sandwiched is really indeed a suffocating position and to escape from this is not easy. This is how love in between feels. It is not something that pushes you to cloud nine, but something that makes you stand firm in what your mind, heart and soul are telling you. Love is something that you can see blindly, but don't fall in it easily. Love is something tastes so sweet initially, but it won't last eternally. Love is something that is pure and true, but when it fades; it turns you in blue.

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