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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


There are some people will say that love eventually will comes when it is a right time for it to start. Initially, I won't have the same thought like what other is thinking. I will try to see from different point of views/angles. My friends always said that I am a truly amasing person as I can try to make myself in both character, either in a male or a female position. This is because I tend to force myself to be understanding, to be fair and to make a correct movement for those who stucked in the situation which requires a deep thinking from both character. But why only love? Love is another amasing feeling that no one can understand better except for the one who created it. Is it hard to love? Is it hard to be in love? Is it hard give love? Is it hard to accept love? Is it hard to forget love? Is it hard to get love? There are so many more question about love, yet not all have the answer and many still in search of the answer. The one who give is more blessed than the one who receive? It depends. People nowadays is more likely to look at the physically attraction. Love lost its eligibility in the modern context and it will eventually fade off by the up-to-date living style. Would people still bind with love? Will there be any relationship that runs truly based on love? And what is my opinion that I can make for this? To find someone you love is hard, to find someone who love you is even harder. I learned this phrase from dramas, movies, even from true stories. Yes, it is indeed so. Who is really meant for you? Will it be you dream lover or someone out of nowhere that admitted as your secret admirer? Once, my friend said to me..." Although that there is a chances you didn't love the admirer, isn't it a kind of happiness and blessings towards you that there is somebody out there who love you dearly, deeply and will always love you more than you do?" From that moment, I realised it is indeed a blessing, a happiness and its dear too. But, the willingness of getting the one you love is always a lot stronger and will always drived you to the edge where you'll fall into the torn valley, where you can find beautiful roses surrounding you with a spectacular view and atmosphere; yet you are also being surrounded by the lethal weapon hide silently behind beauty. Are we willing to take such chances: To be loved, to fall in love, to give love, to forget love, and to get "Love"? Hard to explain, and hard to imagine. How would you react when someone in all of a sudden saying that the love you? And what would you do if you found someone you love and the one didn't know about your existence? Tell me friends, how love changed or moved you? Whatever it is, I will still always give my best support to my friends who seek my help and who is willingly sharing their story to me.Love is an unsolved mystery. Like it or not, love is still all around. Do you love someone? Why will you still hesitate on taking an initial move? Be courages and step forward. You will discover the colour of love more than anything you wanted. Take my challenge and dare me. The puzzles behind love are yet to be cleared. Till then, love is still love!This is just the have not yet come to an end.

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