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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I promised to myself that I must blog tonight. And so, now here I am to blog out. I had accidentally stained my labcoat with some brown paint (oil paint, i supposed) when I open the door enroute from level 3 to level 4 in my working place. OKOK..i lean against the door, that's how I got the stains. The stained area was quite bad...and so do my mood. I had no more intention to continue on my lab work after that..and it continue...and continue... *sigh* I tried to get rid of the stains by rubbing with alcohol. It didn't work out. I tried rubbing with aceton. It didn't work out. All that was in my mind that momemt is to get "thinner" da solvent which painters use to clean their paint brushs. As I couln't get this solvent in the lab, I just soaked in with alcohol. The stains? It's still there. When I am at home, I tried to use detergent to rub and soak it. To my diappointment, it still didn't work. So, I am in desperado....(Oh my gosh...i cant believe it!!!) I went out and bought one bottle of thinner and i rub the labcoat with thinner. It didn't work out so well too. At last, I go and boiled a kettle of water (not fully boiled-maybe around 60-70 degree) and poured and soak the lab coat with the warm water. Then, again, I rub the fabric using thinner. This time, it shown signs of improvement. But stains still there. Now I am frustrated...real frustrated.... I used some Dynamo on the stains and brush it. This works. After some soaking with thinner and brush with Dynamo. It tooks me long enough to see some result. Well...the labcoat is now still soak with the detergent and I need to go wash it after this blog. Will the stains be fully removed? Nah..I don't think so...but it's still better. Want to know? Wait until I tell you the full result...when I finished my laundry ^^

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