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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank God!!!

Thank God, Praise the LORD. My check-up at SJMC turned fine and ok. My health is ok...even though almost dropped to the zone of overweight. OMG...I am going to be overweight? I think I need more exercise and oso diet. **Ouch**...its hurt when thinking about diet. But, since the check-up is ok..I will only go for the check up again next year. I went to to Giant and bought a carton of Anglia shandy..INSTEAD of Jolly Shandy; even though the jolly shandy price now had dropped to 20.88 per carton. Yes, it's even RM2 cheaper than the day I argue at Carrefour. Anyway...that's a history..neither will I stepped into Carrefour anymore...nor to buy any carlsberg product ....until...I don't know..When I had forgot about the incident, maybe. And once again, thank god...that day i didn't manage to buy it. If not, I would had felt cheated as well...

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