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Thursday, January 24, 2008

To read or not to read?

Recently, I found myself stuck in many circumstances which I am so s*cked-up. Okay, I know this word is quite hardy to be used, but I couldn't help but just to use it. Just bear in your mind, it's another English word!!! I read up many peoples blog and some of them I found it really true and interesting. It's just like a real-live drama of their life!!! I wanted to left some comment, but at last, I pull out. WHY? It's been some old blog of theirs and they might be just trying to cheers themselves up during their harsh time. Write out what we feel can help release the burden and pain of the wound. From words to words, sentences to sentences, paragraphs to paragraphs and made me feel the emotional pressure and anxiety that they are having. This reminds me of my once-upon- a-time-being an ear to those of my friends during schooling times. My friends can just easily let all their matters out to me because they trust me. They wanted someone to be a good listener so that whatever they had faced, can be told to an outsider that will always be there for them; to advice them, to teach them, to guide them, and most impotantly, is to love them for what they had done/faced. Their stories were indeed a variety from A to Z. And me? I love to spend my them for them as I know they needed me at that time to help them to stand up again. Human can be pysically strong, but our mind and soul are weak. We can be pinched down by just - "Emotion". That's also one of the reason why human is placed at the top in the kingdom of animal. Don't ask me to explain further more about the revolution, read up. But, emotion that is control by our unconscious mind really play an important role. Each and every time we were hurt and stand up once again, we learned and we gained. This is because we began to be conscious about the related matter and will take caution for the future. Pains and wounds will eventually heal. Of course, it will takes time. But by support, the healling even faster. For everyone out there: be supportive!!! Because by your support, those of your loved ones can be whole again.

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