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Friday, February 15, 2008


215. Yesterday night was indeed a great night. Everyone seems to enjoyed the activities planned even though not all had been proceed. We lost our way to the destination. Huh?! Yes...yes...we lost our way again...I know it sounds that we are all road blind, but hey...we still managed to reach to the place. What place? We went to eat seafood at Sri Petaling, the restaurant just opposite Sri Petaling Hotel. I cannot remember the name, so...maybe I can checked it out later if I remember. I apologise that I didn't manage to capture any picture of nice food and great activity. It just be happening... kekeke Anyhow, I also enjoying the time at swimming pool. Feel like swimming still the best...besides eating tasty food (okok...sounds that I am greedy..but who cares?) After having meal at the seafood restaurant, we went straight away, back to where we swim. At night, we continued with "dry swim"...haha...I supposed most of us can guess what's that mean? Initially I didn't play...I just observed and teach a friend to play. Well, it was consider a good game as a beginner who didn't touch mahjong at all...I hope she also don't mind in learning how to play... :P Played until midnight and everybody started to felt's more? Anyway, I hope my cough during 6++ morning didn't woke up everyone. I couldn't help but just cough...and cough...and cough...OKOK...I drink again double dose to ease the throat before I continued to sleep..DOUBLE DOSE? Yes...DOUBLE aren't see it wrongly. I had to. But I didn't overdose, ok...I am still at here typing this blog. :D Well, till then...adious... ;)

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