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Monday, February 4, 2008


My friend said to me that the new year has come. Today 4th of Feb is a very crucial day of the whole year, as it will takes effect to the rest of ones' day along the year. Whatever goodness that happened today, will indicates to us that good things will come along in the whole year. Whatever bad or unfortunate incident will indicates that bad luck in the rest of our days...until the next year arrive. As I heard this, I am shocked. I won't say that I didn't believe it, nor fully believing in it. Just act as normal ordinary day that we used to be; fair enough. Do not put all your trust into something that is so intangible, in fact keep on believing that something happen onto us is by Gods' will. If we are to be so auspicious, I don't think there are activity going on in the whole whole. Also, if something bad happened, didn't mean that you are in bad luck forever in that particular year. There is an ancient chinese saying "Human will have 3 bads and 6 good luck" So, if its bad today, maybe something good is around the corner.. Have faith. Don't be affected by something that is not a truth. The truth will know it after the truth is unveil.. So, don't worry, be happy :D God be with you, and God bless you.

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