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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My blog looks weird when I try to start with something that I needed to push away due to one reason. I am waiting for pictures again...=.= I will refine this blog the day after today... :p Sorry for the mess...and blame it to @udrey...please.Thank you.GG Went to pyramid and ate at BBQ plaza...which is also, the first time of me going there...Thanks to Angela, @udrey and Iris...^^ Well, really have a good time there especially to eat delicious food. The superb tasty sauce that they are serving really makes a different for the meal. I bet Iris and Angela won't forget to choose a better place to sit next time when wanted to eat at BBQ plaza again. keke. 8) Oh... Today is Chien Wen's birthday and we had planned to celebrate with her...not using cake, but doughnut. Went into J.Co also to buy half a dozen doughnut for a special purpose which was held in the lab again. Yes..YES, we eat inside the lab again. Against the rules? Who cares, as long as you take care of yourself. We didn't add in extra toppings to the doughnuts from the lab. :p Pictures? Explainations? Whatever... Please be patient...

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