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Sunday, February 17, 2008

CJ7 :p

Image002 Watched CJ7 at midvalley. Seriously, it wasn't worth to pay RM12 to enter into cinema to watch such a movie. I guess this is the first and the last for me. Anyhow, the movie do has its value in terms of comedy...that some parts of it is so hilarious...when you understand typical cantonese joke. I noticed that our front and back rolls didn't laugh much. The most and loudest laughter originate from our roll. :D OKOK...I admit, we were really laugh out loud...when it is hilarious...why hide? I want to laugh whenever I want...hehe :p. Overall, not bad but not worth to be watch at cinema...(psst...better buy or download :P, guess you know what I mean...keke). The story is about a father and his son, whom the father-Mr.Chow worked hard to earn for his son expenses at a famous school. The son called Dick, always being teased and bullied because of his poverty. One day, the father accidentally collected an unwanted toy(a rubber ball)...which he thought that it would entertain Dick from his disappointment of not getting CJ1-an eletronic toy dog. They never did know that the rubber ball is actually an alien dog...How did the alien dog transformed? What can the alien dog-CJ7 can do? All these shall be reveal to you...if you watch it..ok? I won't type all out. Watch it and laugh...whenever you felt that it's funny...muahahaha :D

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