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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Finally, I finished watching Wars of in laws II. Though it was kinda funny and amusing initially, but it started to slow down in da middle and not at all when it is coming to the end. The bonus ending, was a total disaster, ridiculous!!! So "mou liew". I don't know why they wanna make it. Anyway, the drama is also worth watching; overall. Now I am starting to watch the gentle crackdown II. I just watched the first episode, not even finished da 1st episode...actually. I didnt have the intention to watch it. Maybe wait until more than 10 episode...^^ Watch it during holiday at hometown... :D By the way, I am going back to hometown for holiday from Wednesday, 6th Feb onwards untill 12th Feb. Wish you all Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year. There you go the year of Pig, Rats take over and the nations celebrate, May the coming year 2008 shall be, A happy and properous year for you and me. ^^

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