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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am addicted @@

Yes...I am finally back...I think @udrey is right, I am indeed now getting to become addicted to blog...more towards to become a serious blogger. OMG...I couldn't believe it. I had just taken my medicine for my cough and sore throat (it happened since the forth day of cny). I have lots and lots to patient...please wait... (arranging the blog from 7th Feb to 10th Feb) :P

7th Feb 2008

Today is the 1st day of lunar year of rat. The celebration of lunar year for until presently is dull. Not much acts of celebration being noticed. Luckily, the norm lunar new year: traditions during New Year still proceeding.I am very happy for that someone from Medan,Indonesia called to wish an early “Gong xi fatt chai”. I didn’t expect such a surprise. Thank you, Wisianto.

At night, I went to pay a visit to a friend house nearby. After much chit-chatting at there, we proceed to have our “yum cha” session…as usual. Someone bought fireworks and light it on during the hour to 2nd day of lunar new year. It was fantastic, as we were at there to celebrate another friends’ birthday which fall on the 8th Feb. The timing was perfect, but unfortunately, the birthday boy went out to the old town for awhile. Yet, we still manage to celebrate his birthday. Here want to wish him once again “Happy Birthday”.

“The hour of happiness always end up fast, and it’s time to say goodbye” (Is this verse familiar..?.check it out yourself...I know you knew it :D). The yum cha gathering dismissed after reaching 2++ am in the morning. When we all were to take our’s another happening news. What a joke of the lunar year!!! Our driver-the birthday boy had to drive us home. There in the car were Sarah, Vicky, WengKit, HoongKit and me. When we reached a white proton saga-which is the driver’s(HK) car, we all rushed in as it was late. The passenger’s door didn’t lock and V opens the door for us as well. Then, HK as us to get out of the car… he noticed something amiss. He whispered out that this car wasn’t mine. All of us were so shocked. We when out to check the plate number…OMG…and to our horror, it was indeed not HK’s car. We find it so funny and amusing that we can get into the wrong car and somehow…all of us were in the car. The only thing that is amiss…is we still haven’t starts the car… Oh my gosh…!!! We are all drunk even we didn’t consume any liquor. The funniest thing is…we all laugh out loud when we reached the real car which was parked in the opposite direction. :D Such a midnight… **Ahem* *an amusing midnight incidents...that I wanted to blog out. I typed this in MS word before posted this on blog. As I know I tend to have those so called “short term memory lost”, I planned to type out this blog and saved in before I forgot all about it. Hahaha….:D

8th Feb 2008

Second day of lunar new year. There was this reunion lunch held at Mambang Diawan, my aunt purposely chose it for saying that it was nice and cheap. Well, the foods served were indeed quite tasty although the vegetables were a “no-no” taste. The lunch started very late. With all the aunts and uncles delaying the time, the lunch which was schedule at 12.30 hour was postponed to 13.45 hour. They rush out to serve the foods and I felt kinda uneasy with the “speedo” though. Anyway, I am delighted to taste out the red wine bought by one of my aunt. It was a little bit less in aroma, but the smoothness of the wine is there. Yet, I still prefer the wine suggested by Angela; it was great.Image005

I opened it for my family and also share it with my friends when we were out to celebrate WaiLeng’s early birthday.I am thankful to all those who came along and make the celebration of WL’s birthday a success…really happy and glad that all of you did make it for the gathering. And to YenLeng as well, thank you for making a slot of your busy schedule for us. The same goes to all of you; your presence meant a lot to all of us.

Well, the night was still young after the gathering-so we ended up at Irene’s place. We went there to play mahjong all along during the midnight. may call us crazy. We aren’t playing it as gambling, no money transaction involved. We just play for fun. And I do really enjoy the play. I had won a several times which I only win by the “7 tong”. Weird, but it’s the truth. After tired of playing mahjong, we play “chor dai di”. Time flew fast when you are playing and gathering with some friends and enjoying the moments. We played until 4 am in the morning…Yes, 4 am in the morning. You aren’t seeing it wrongly.

9th Feb 2008

IpohIpoh Woke up quite early this day…and the reason was…to watch movie at Ipoh. Initially planned to watch CJ7 but, my friend couldn’t get the ticket. All fully booked and sold out for mostly all slot-except for 12.45am (midnight show). Anyhow, we still proceed to Ipoh for any movie that’s available.

After much discussion, we watched Meet the Spartans. It was quite funny and amusing when we entered the cinema. The cinema mistakenly views out Sweeney Todd instead of Meet the Spartans. Then we waited for almost 10 minutes later for the exact movie. Overall, we laugh all the way for this movie. It’s kinda ridiculous and non-sense. But, the well-blended jokes for the ancient and modern hit-news make it entertaining. There were a total of 5 of us. We sit at the second front roll. Did I say sit? Actually we lay back and watch the movie in a too near view position. We laugh out real…REAL out. Couldn’t help. It does have the element of underage scene in a non-direct form, but who cares? I even changed the name of the Meet the Spartans to Meet the “N” (guess what?!). The scene when the King Xerxes accidentally plucked out his nipple and staple it back with the wall stapler was d*mn good. We were still laughing about the scene when we’re all out from the cinema.

I went for the reunion dinner for some photo session. Then proceed on to Bandar Baru to “yum cha” with Irene and Weng Kit. Chat there until 2am midnight. Somehow, I had inhaled too many second hand smoke due to a God “bless” smoker at the next table. He started smoking since he arrived until the very hour that my friends and I planned to return home. (I think he finished one large packet of don’t know what brand of cigarette) After the yum cha, I felt my throat is getting sore…and now I really had sore throat and cough. **Sigh** really thanks a million to that s*cker. (Ok…it isn’t rude to use this to emphasize that he is really a s*cker :P)

10th Feb 2008

Most of my friends were leaving for work today. They started the holiday early and ended it early as well. Anyway, Hoong Kit had planned a yum cha session at 8am. Due to the midnight chatting at the night before plus the sore throat sickness, I had over slept and miss out the opportunity to meet all of them. When I arrived, Chee Wai already left for his bus. Luckily still manage to catch up Ting and also LiYin. Later, went to gather at Sarah’s house to play “Chor dai di” and been there for almost 2 hours before proceeding to lunch at Golden Wing. Missed those ‘cau yun’ so much. I bought RM10; five each packet-one for the friends and one for home.

Rest at home after the lunch. Felt like getting old and tired. Felt fatigue and really wanted a good rest. At last, we cancelled the yum cha at night. Really, really need a good night sleep… I looked like a walking zombie after so many days didn’t sleep well.

11th Feb 2008

PenangWent out for breakfast with Irene. My sister and my parents drove up to north to Penang Island for a day trip. My brother and I didn’t accompany them. We had our own programme. Okok…our schedules were fully booked. :D Kekeke… After much chit-chatting at Pasar, we went to Irene’s shop house. Tired of not getting any connecting to the internet, we head of to KFC, since we missed Kampar KFC too much…What’s the special of Kampar KFC? Erm…I can’t really tell…all I know is that the aroma…do play an important role. We ordered a snack plate to share, since we were still full by the late breakfast. Yes…yes…I still have the sore throat and the coughing is getting severe…but since I had been in this kind of situation, why not…to eat KFC…hehe. Coincidently, saw Yuen Yee, Mee Erh, Shan Ni and the rest at KFC too. Irene’s bf-George came by to fetch Irene and dropped me to my home. I guess these ended my CNY programme at Kampar. Well, still have one more planning…soon to be…real soon. Anticipating for it…, though. :P

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