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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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The drama "Love is all around" ended today. This drama at least shown some reality in life from the middle towards the end. Overall, a great drama from both Malaysia and Singapore. And I am truly hooked onto it from the middle onwards. The story line was good, and it was suitable for the modern viewer. The love story embeded in the drama really reveal the truth of 21st century's love. People will still make the same mistake in term of to love and being love. To learn that someone is loving you isn't hard, to learn that someone you love isn't loving you is harder, but the hardest is... to learn that you couldn't love the one that you love for the rest of you life! Fate will brought two love together, but faith of love will hold two love in one and forever. Love isn't involving lovers alone, love is so diverse, love is so divine, love is so pure and love is so true...that everyone can be in love. Be it the whole world, be it the rest of your life, be it now and be it forever, love won't change. The one that is changing is your desire. So when learn to love, ones must learn to control desire. Once desire and love in one, then may you hold it well eternally. Don't lost the faith of love. Remember the fate and faith of love. I will go back to hometown tomorrow morning (6th Feb). See ya after the holidays. Happy New Year....May the year of rat brings you good health and good luck.

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