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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Movie Wednesday

Okay...okay...Here am I to blog again...A funny incident happened during the lunch hour. While we were on the way to car park and chatting...we talked about something that's regarding guys didn't really like sour food. I mentioned about an example that's my friend while "lou sang, dislike putting so much lime juice because he said it's very sour and couldn't take it. After touching deep into such a topic, we were thinking of any taste that guys like? @udrey said that guys definitely not liking sweets stuff, and I added in that guys must love salty foods as if it's not sour, and sweet...because we didn't think that anyone will like bitter? @udrey make a very spontaneous phrase; it must be (salty) because that's why guys so "hamsup". (Ok...hamsup is direct pronunciation from Cantonese. It's actually a.k.a as pervert in English.) For you who can catch the meaning...congratulation.. :D At least you know what had really happened. Later after lunch, we'd done something that shouldn't be done in a lab...but..Hey!!! We did it ok... and we always do it. We "lou sang" at the lab. can put in whatever imaginative things that you can...but our "yee sang" is definitely consumable...keke...Want to take a look? Here you go...(Wait...jutomatekudasai...I had forgot that @udrey haven't send the pic to me... I am sending the message to ask her for it. She said she is watching Astro now. So, what can we do? I have to halt this blog for awhile and taking this opportunity to shower as well. BRB to continue this blog. :p Omg...I think @udrey is too upload da pic for me..Well, I might just upload the pic taken by replacement... I had waited until I felt I want to Zzzz... Dsc00089 Here is the pic of the yee sang..prepared and arranged by Shin Hwa and @udrey...Ok..I am not free to help and somemore...My duty is just to eat... ^^, (Picture courtesy by @udrey on 21/2/08) After lab hour, four of us; Angela, MeiZhen, Shin Hwa and I went for movie (Kungfu Dunk). How's the movie? It's not so bad at all. The story is about Jie who is an orphan and brought up in a Kungfu School. He develope strong interest in basketball (sound..ok?) ever since he is young due to the reason that he was abandon by his parent nearby a basketball field. His life changed after he meet Li and ever since that, he have been involved actively in inter-universities basketball championship. How he actually involved, why he wanted to be in a basketball team and what's the realistic in becoming a basket-ball player and who is his biological parent? Go watch and'll know... (la) ^^.

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