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Thursday, February 21, 2008

See my Lucky Chai's pic :p

Last day of Lunar New Year 2008 celebration. Today is the 15th day which also known as Chap Goh Mei. When to McD to have the prosperity foldover because of having the urge to eat it before the promotion is over. While eating at McD at taipan, I suddenly felt that I had nothing to do this coming weekend. I had cancelled my appointment to church for this coming sunday and I am thinking whether should I go back to hometown for this time...? Because my mother will be alone at the house while my father is away to work at a very sudden pace...couldn't explain much here...I don't like to talk about my father much...So, just don't talk about it. Don't ask me why either...I will only tell it when the time has arrived. Now is not the right timing. It's my taboo... Since I seldom go back to hometown during study period at KT, I think I better go back to hometown more often as now I am placed at Selangor which is only about 3 hours drive to Kpr. An effort to visit home is better than none? Actually after hearing that Val will go back to Kpr on next weekend; I had had the intention to go back home together with her as well...but as it's already fated, I might as well just accept what had been arranged and I can make a little bit of changes for myself in this coming weekend. Yeah...I think I should. Don't you think so? I also want to go back to see my beloved dog-Lucky. I have been raising him since his young at year 2000. I love..LOVE him...I already treat him as a family member, not just a dog at my house. Want to meet him? I have a picture of him playing around with my brother's mobilephone. I show it to you...Cny_074 There're more....Cny_071 More... Cny_081>>>>> ZZzzzCny_086

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