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Monday, February 18, 2008

The way?

The path way that God have choosen for me is indeed very very challenging. I thought that with His guidance and by following the road that He leads is blessed and protected all the way. I guess I have planted a fig that didn't bear fruit; or to be simplified-an unusable plant. Things started goes wrong and spirits running low. Now I realise that some sayings that I had read before are very true. I still remember one of them..."Whenever you are weak and you pray to God so that you could be blessed to become strong; God will not give you power to be strong, instead will give you obstacles, so that you can learn and gain from it." The road of life is indeed not easy and full with challenges. Some leads to excitement, some leads to disappointment, some leads to wilderness, and so many more. I understand that this is the spice of life...human needs to undergo all the circumstances to grow and to be mature. Ronan Keating's song life is like a rollercoaster and it is indeed correct. Life couln't be a straight line. Peoples always used curved line to describe life, which seems like a rollercoaster pathway. The rollercoaster pathway is the life-span. It starts slow and steady initially, and accelerate to push up to the peak...whenever reached the peak, all things become uncontrollable and loosen. Now, at this is wholly dependant to the pathway...whatever it is...the rollercoaster will still pass it by and moving lively...but when it comes to a steep, it needed energy to be pushed over...and again and again...forever repeatation... I am a kind of person that will sometimes...spend my time any place where I can be wholly alone, and thinking deep alone. By this, I can recharge my spirit, becoming one again...and move on in my life. Time of loneliness, didn't means that we have to be sorrow and meaningless. Instead, time of loneliness rejuvinate my minds, body and soul. I can be transformed by the time of loneliness. So friends, it is no harms to be alone in the right place and the right time. Whenever you felt that you are weak and alone, think of the reasons: Obstacles given unto you are to make you a stronger person, loneliness is to make you grow, rejuvinates and to be transformed. Do it works for everyone or anyone? I could not make any further works for me... :D

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