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Saturday, March 1, 2008

@@ 229, leap day in 2008

229 was indeed a splendid leap day for me. I guess this is appliable to the rest as well? It was quite a tiring day as well because I had to rush from one destination to another in a rush hour. Having both plans run well in the same day was quite statisfying too. Sing K at Neway to celebrate Angela's farewell at night and also 'dry swim' at her house after dinner really filled up the day! I am so sorry to Iris as she had to be late because of helping me. Hope that she actually do enjoy herself too in that short period of time. I want to put up the pictures for the K's session, that's one of the reason I blog this late as well. My camera left with Iris. I forgot to take it... :p But hey... Now I still got those pictures...hope you all can wait and be patient. Well, @udrey had been improving at playing Mahjong. She had indeed the biggest winner of the night as she almost won all of our chips. Ok...congraz @udrey, you had graduated from the school of Mahjong which was held at Angela's house... :D the way, I almost forgot to metioned the funny things that she had done as well. When Angela ask @udrey to "shou dice" she was indeed a way too blur. She didn't react untill the third time Angela asked @udrey to "shou dice". What a great answer by @udrey, she thought it was another Japanese word and she doesn't understand it...:p And...well, it was actually keep the dice...Laugh with me..please... kekeke ^^ We also learned words while Mei Zhen was reading up journals. She asked about 'non-redundant' and also 'putative' while we were playing mahjong. We do indeed apply all the words and also learned japanese from Angela as well. I am not so sure how's the spelling wise, but most similiar sound to 'gor meh'-->garbage? Meanwhile, I have also obtained a lot of information while i am away to the postgraduate education fair organised by UPM at Great Hall. I had made myself registered in all of the sudden due to some unexplainable circumstances... 8| Took a lot of brochures, send out some email also to some lecturers and still looking around to find one. Well, I still remember 'seek and you shall find'. I won't forget about this... ;) My friends, pray for me as well as bear with me to run together in this life-journey. It isn't easy from perfect stranger to become friends and tagged along in a short while. As to Angela, wish her all the best and god bless you. Thank you for being with us in the lab... We will cherish all those moments that we all had shared :D

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