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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Why love is a hard to avoid and understand subject? Whenever you think of it, it hides from you, Whenever you need it, it betray you, Whenever you dump it, it follows you, Whenever you forgot it, it reminds you. So innocence, yet full with guilt. I don't understand why human always make the same mistake. They always couldn't appreciate things they have until the very moment that they realise they are going to loose it. Couldn't they learn from mistake? To still cling on and remember of something that is gone forever couldn't bring it back. It's better to save and cheerish the moments of what they had so that they wouldn't regretted it. Appreciate of what you have now...and take good care of it. I also don't understand why people can fall in love that easily. Can they tell that they are indeed found the right one that they needed? Find time to learn each other well and understand each other before falling to disaster! It's great that someone have the courages to say that they love somebody, but...its always a BUT... remember to take the consequences after you say it out. Whatever the outcome is...face it and bear it. Both sweetness and bitterness are hidden behind of it. Whichever is your result, taste it; and you'll find out that the sweetness isn't as sweet as you thought and the bitterness isn't bitter at all! I don't know why I typed out a blog like this and post it up. But since it had been blogged, then why not just paste it up, right? I think I must be very frustrated by some incidents that happen all around me. Couldn't tell what it is...didn't know as well what is wrong...I even couln't think at all...My brain must have lost function on its consciousness...BE CAUTION...I might have lost my mind...

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