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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter ^^,

Easter at the new Wesley Methodist Church (Kampar) wasn't bad at all. Initially I thought of regretting for not going to St. Andrew's Church (KT), but NOT after a brand new experience at Methodist church for Easter. The cross that the church member's had made with approximately 1500 petal of flowers was marvelous. It took the church members almost 7-8 hours to finish it, according to Mr. Choo. Easter_cross1 The flower cross. How I wish that I had brought back my digital camera for this. Should be better if I used a digi cam to capture it. I also captured some night view of the church building before I left for the Good Friday evening service. Quite blur, though. Wmc_nite_view2_1 Wesley Methodist Church (Kampar)

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