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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter Day!!!

Well, as the time goes is another Good news celebration that I need to involve. To celebrate the easter...the Rising Day! As I am now at hometown, i will celebrate it at the local Methodist church. FYI, I don't know yet where is the new church building. I just happen to know about their moving to new building by both Val and Anil. Well, I do hope that the church can continue to expand and be prosperous. Sitting at a cyber cafe here...surrounded by all kids that are so eagerly playing their cyber games; make me sick. Feeling so congested by all those loud voice of KOs and all those stuff...(You know) Initially, I thought of going to KFC for free WiFi...but to my disappointment, the free WiFi only will open from 1400 to 1800. S.H.I.T....I thought can go to on9 and check some email and as to blog as well for free. Anyway, I think I will go there again at the evening for the free WiFi. :p Today is Good Friday. May all of you blessed by the day and happy Easter too!!! God bless you...!!! :D

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