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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Friday?

While most of the people thinking of when their love will appear, I am in the opposite. I wanted to focus now, of what I aimed and targetted to do in the near future. I don't care for what other are commenting; be it my relatives, my friends and even my family. Luckily, my family won't bother much about this. they know that I am not desperado for any dates ^^, Somehow, I am now have to become a pretender; pretending that nothing had ever actually took place. I have to avoid the worst nightmare that might happened. You must be wondering what it is about...but hard for me to explain just let it be a mystery for you and me. I also thank God that this actually worked out well! And now, all I have to to forget about everything that had occured and most importantly...never ever think about it anymore. Things had been blocking my mind that I don't even have the mood to blog out activities on friday. *Sigh*...I apologise for the delay. Somehow, I also haven't receive any pictures from 'my photographer' --@udrey. T.T Where are the pictures????? It was another happy Friday. We; Iris, @udrey and I went to swim on Friday. But not at Angela's apartment...instead...we head to 3K's indoor swimming pool. The pool is wide and really lengthy. The deepest it goes is 7 ft. Still prefer Angela's place...yet this is a brand new experience...experiencing a new swimming pool. I still remember when I firstly arrived to Ipoh Stadium Indera Mulia Swimming Complex to learn swimming from Mr. Ng. There are 4 swimming pools a beach pool, an olympic size pool, a children's pool and also including one which is specially used to teach scuba diving. Mr. Ng said that usually those professional swimmer will swim at olympic size pool...and beginners will learn and swim at beach pool. He do warned's SHARKS. Actually he is refering to those guys that are not really go to the pool to swim...they are just interested to see girls and try to near them while they are swimming. Womaniser...I supposed @@ And...Mr. Ng even thaught us how to identify SHARKS...hehe :p Girls that often go to public pool to swim should know about this. Always be caution of guys that are in the pool...always try to head towards girls while swimming. Their purpose is not to swim. So, they aren't really swimming but fooling around. They tend to jammed into a/group of girls even though that they actually can avoid it (C'mon..they are wearing google and it's an outdoor pool. Lighting is sufficient enough. Unless he's blind!) Like what Mr. Ng told us--> Protect yourself from being a victim...unless You wants to become a victim... :p What's more after swimming...? We head on to have our dinner at Asia Cafe. Check out the pictures, when I got it. But...when? I can't reallt tell. I finished watching Wasabi Mon Amour, at last. Anticipating for the drama D. I. E...Death Investigation Extension :D Can't wait to head back to hometown too. My experiment to cook the read bean soup had failed. I couldn't cook out the aroma of the orange. Maybe I am too fast into taking it out? Luckily, I only cook a small portion to try. I need to practice more often, I guess. I am thinking to use lemon instead of orange... :p The citrus aroma of lemon is stronger and tastier than orange....(that's my opinion) Will see how it goes...when I have the time to try it out again. Ok...editted version: Here are those pictures >>>Dsc00007 By @udrey Dsc00009 Dsc00010 Dsc00012

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