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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Saturday?

This Happy Saturday is actually a delayed Happy Friday event that had been planned for more than two weeks ago.'s indeed a half day trip outing with friends. I know it maybe sounds a bit crazy,but hey...we do really drive to Klang (erm...or Pre-Klang?) to have our Bak Kut Teh as lunch. Ok...don't be so surprise. We have seven of us being crazy...if it indeed sounds crazy for you...hehe. I am sorry though, for not taking any pictures. Erm...OKOK...I am too hungry and hunger made me forgetful. I just eat and EAT... ^^, We head back to Sunway after lunch. Val and I continue with our unexpected plan-watch movie at Sunway Pyramid. I couldn't really decide which movie to watch as I have no idea. Lastly Val suggested Spiderwick. And how it was? Hmm...this is a good question that you might ask Val. :p "Arthur Spiderwick was biologist whom had uncovered secrets of the other world after much observation that he had done through his life. 80 years later, Arthur Spiderwick's grand daughter moved into the house from New York with her three children. Jared- one the great grand nephew of Arthur Spiderwick uncover secrets that lies in the inherited house. Soon, he is blended into the other world and he needed to protect the Guide book that produced by Arthur Spiderwick. This is to ensure that the book won't fall into the dark force. How did this kid-Jared do it? What had he really uncovered in the house? What's the story behind the book? Why must he protect the book from evil? Will he be successful in it?" Watch it, and you'll know. Don't ask me much. I had typed out what I can tell.

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