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Friday, October 31, 2008

Using Digi Edge

Ok...officially this is the first post by me, using this new internet provider-Didi Edge. I have much trouble to get the configuration setting done, and after numerous of calling to the customer service provider, and also numerous of smsing and deleting existing setting, Finally...Finally, I can get connected and surf thru my mobile as modem and am using my notebook as usual. I will be going to get da usb wireless broadband modem soon. I dont want to spoil my phone. Even tho it's just 3110c, but it's been really useful to me since last year, from the time I bought it. It still serve me well. Thank God for that. I am planning and going to change service provider for my mobile. Using MNP is so much easier than what I had thought before. It not only allow you to keep back you existing number, but also allow your switching withing less than 24 hours(FYI-it happen to my sister's mobile number. they swifted the provider in the same application day!). Well, as for me, I might be changing to prepaid plan, instead of postpaid. Oh...I forgot to mentioned. I am changing from hotlink to digi... thats why I twittered, changing to da D' man. haha... Kota kemuning berjaya park is definitely   covered by Digi. When we mentioned berjaya park, the Digi centre dealers confirm the coverage area immediately. I still miss the speed provided by streamyx last time. Even tho sometimes it runs slowly like slower than snail, but the stability gives you the advantages. Wireless will have disconnection suddenly. I had iit once juzt now. I am not sure how well it goes. Am now trying to download large file from sendspace. Let's see how it goes. Streaming? Youtube? Hmm...I haven try that out. Wait until I have the time and also have da mental. Currently, there are a lot of things going on...and I have restless mind. OMG...restless..did I mentioned restless? The time now is around 12 40 am. I guess I should sleep. I should sleep...

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