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Saturday, November 8, 2008


OKOK...Who want to buy number? Please do so for the following number. I don't know whether it will strike or not, depends to your luck. I do not gamble, especially 'mah piew'. I said it's better for me to get a 3 digit car plate. Indeed, I got it! :D Well, mum felt disappointed as no 4D, anyway she say still can buy 3D. ==" Of course I definitely love to see her strike 3D or 4D, but addicted to 'mah piew' is a no-no  to me. Somehow, I always wanted something that has the number 5. I am born 15, May, then my phone number ended with 5, my uni matric number ended with 5, and now, I got the number 5 in the middle :p Yes, I am absolutely in love with the number 5!

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