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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


OMG...I am so devastated by today's news. I received a very bad news. What the heck on earth is going on. Previously I heard that there will be a 30k fees exempted. I also heard some people throwing advice not to lay out so a lot of hope as this so and so school always not into their words. Promises just remain empty promises. Never been succeed. And now, how true it was! The fact is that hope have been planted and now slowly it faded. I am both disappointed and frustrated and at the same time fear. I have fear thinking for the few weeks and the coming month. What am I suppose to do? I am now so lost and out of point. I need something to lead me to focus. What am I suppose to do? I need to restart once again. Now with a harder and stronger stroke. I have not much time left. My contract will be ending end of this year. I will lost a job and become unemployed soon...too soon. I need something to back up all my expenses as well as to support my family. Sigh. I am going to have a great trouble that created by myself and I am now needing to mend it before any nightmare begin. Argh.....This is so depressing. Pray for me, my dear friends, that I can get up on my feet walk along the way. Pray for me, my dear friends, that I can be the best I used to be. Pray for me, my dear friends, that I will survive this disaster and pray for me, my dear friends, that I am strong enough to carry and endure this pain. **Sorry, I am indeed too not in the straight mind at this current moment. I need time to calm down and calm down.**

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