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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creature named Dog

Woah... I am respecting this person who wrote "Please remember that dogs are Allah’s creatures too", by NORMA MOHD DOM in the letter to editor for 'thestar' newspaper. Yeah...Dogs are creature created by God for the mankind too. So...why give such a bad treatment to stray dogs? I never did see bad treatment from those 'catcher' towards cat though. Why is that there is double standard for treating animal too? I personally seen 'stray catcher' chasing a dog in front of my house. My dog was barking endlessly and I immediately shut the front door (even though the front gate was locked!) to prevent the catcher to catch wrongly. They are standing in front of my house looking at my dog as my dog is a stray too. dog has the dog license on its collar, ok...they are definitely humiliating me and my dog for looking at us with a sharp looking. I saw one of them use a rope to catch one of the stray dog, and the other one used something sharp to pinch the dog out from a car. I even pray hard that the dog can escape from the torture...i can see blood dripping from the dog body and i shouted inside my house, ask the guy to see, there was blood, and stop pinching. They ask me 'DIAM LAH'. I am so like wtf!!! Anyway...Eventually they caught the stray...and one of them ran off. After those 'pig' went off...I take a look underneath  the car and spotted the blood-stained  tar road.  With that amount of blood lost, the dog  was seriously injured and no wonder it can be caught easily after that. I think the dog didn't have anymore energy to fight for it. They are suppose to scare the dog out...not to injure them. And  they are just innocent creature that left out by irresponsible owner too. Anyway...I happen to saw some stray cats opposite the roadside when those 'pigs' were catching the dog, and why they didn't even bother about those cats? Aren't their duty is to catch stray animal, regardless to what stray animal they are? Why only focus on dog and not cat? Cat also can cause diseases such as toxoplasmosis...And...didn't they realise that? Furthermore...not all dogs has rabies and not all dogs are fierce. They need something to provoke them to become angry and fierce. They inner sense is to defense themselves and their owner. They will do whatever to protect the owner. I usually see young children especially those who claimed that they can't own dogs provoking dogs and teasing them. They imitate how the dogs barks, laugh at them, shout at them, scared them and some are even worse...they throw stones towards dogs...not just to stray, but also to dogs inside resident compound! They are just making themselves vulnerable to attacks. Dogs won't be aggressive, if the children just pass by like normal without those actions as mentioned above done to the dogs. The dogs will just simply ignore them..and let them pass by without any symptom of aggressive. Because these children are provoking them, the mechanism in the dogs will respond impulsively and thus, making them to become aggressive to defense as well as attack, if necessary. I won't felt pity for those children when they are attacked by dogs when the dogs are actually 'usually' in the resident /owner compound. Dog can act superbly when they are provoked and even fences are just too low for them, if they are intended to attack to defense themselves. So, to those who has children and you are not a dog lover, please DO NOT provoke the dogs in any way. Even I myself was bitten by dogs numerously. Not because I am scared of dogs, and try to show my aggressiveness towards dogs...some dogs are just prone to bite! I can't count how many times...but yes..even dog lovers will be bitten by dogs, even by their own dog! However, dogs are still adorable and indeed a royal and man's best friend. They are the most suitable to be given this title. Luckily, my own Lucky chai is behaving well...and until now still behaving well...Haha..Thank God that I have such a wonderful dog. Lucky chai is my life!!! Amen.

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