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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Discount 10%....irrelevant to me!

I actually had a shock when I heard the news on air yesterday in the 'Buletin Utama, TV3'. What's the news? It's regarding to the 10% discount for the private car from next year January to December 2010. But...wait's it good to have discount, why am I shocked? the following news, that I got it from 'The Star' newspaper. The timing of the discount is from 12 midnight to 7am. Wtf?! 12 midnight to 7am? I am so speechless when I heard the news. Of course, the news discount had dragged my attention to the TV for the news...but discount from midnight to 7am...this is something irrelevant at all. (At least to my point of view, ok?) Reasons that I think it's irrelevant, even though a discount is better than none... 1st: Traveling against of sleeping time...meanings more accident to be expected. am not saying reckless drivers...I am saying it's becoming more dangerous in this kind of hours. Imagine, you actually an early person. you sleep early, you wake up early. Now, you plan to save the 10% from your pocket, you wanted to travel in the midnight, or reach in the midnight time. There is something wrong...and are right...that's suppose to be the time that we are sleeping. Our body has one setting that it will eventually drive us to rest when it's the time to! So, imagine...while we are driving to some destinations...and then during the hours that we are suppose to be in dreamland...we might be fallen into sleep while driving. Of course, it's so easily said that, you can take a nap at the road side or those rest pit stop to sleep and then continue the journey when you had rest enough. It's always not that easy! So, this will actually promote more accidents...and more to come, if everybody plan to save for the sake of the discounted amount...and we planted traffic jam in this kind of hours. Now, we are not only facing traffic congestion during peak hours, we will also face traffic jam in midnight! 2nd: Driving at midnight is definitely not safe, especially in Malaysia! Imagine those criminal planning to make robbery, kidnap, and etc. In this kind of hours, people tend to loosen their security...(you know whom do I mentioned, right? people...there are these peoples) And criminal always wanted to do something in a time whereby everyone is not aware. Imagine if you experience car breakdown or accident at midnight! Helps needed to be transferred in no time...but hey..hey...are we that efficient? Can we get standby 24 hours every now and then? Of course, some companies claim that they have 24 hours standby services for car breakdown and tow..but won't they need time to reach out to you? Imagine you need to the dark surrounding...whereby, this is a time everyone should have been sleeping, or at least at home? Think of those villain...they are always there to take opportunity. We have always received emails and even smses trying to warn us about dirty tricks that people will do to rob, kidnap, rape, or etc..(whatever you can think of) saying that it's dangerous when we are on the road. And's midnight? It doubled the chances for crimes to success! 3: is better than no discount...BUT...why only 10%, why only midnight? why only PLUS? why only will start next year January?why it's not immediate effect, as what they can do when they raised the petrol pricing at June? If I do not mistaken, I indeed read before...that the toll for North-South highway will be taken off as long as payment for the loan is done! To my surprise, our toll keep on rising and rising and keep on RISING! So do our inflation! So do our expenses! But...none to our salary or our benefits! (That's sucks!) I don't think that until recent time, there is still lost and not profit in North-South Highway. Are the government kidding us? Are PLUS kidding us? Nevertheless....the government should look into other point, and not to just focus on discount. Try to think of eliminating the toll...since it was once said...but not been done! And...suppose, they have to focus on daily use and daily products. of course, transportation is one of them...but there are other goods to be paid attention to especially to food! One more thing that the government should really get their feet into it...our public transportation! It's still sucks and it's sucks. No matter how the government said, which and what they had's not that it's not's actually...only words and no action! Hey...c'mmon...action speaks louder than voice. Do it... not just says it! I am still waiting to see, where is the rail train that can travel 300+kph from rawang to ipoh. Since I am at secondary school...I have been hearing about the project...and until's still action. Minister of Transportation mentioned that they are getting the train...but having difficulties... WTF...isn't that this is some mega project that had been planned quite some years ago? Isn't this something that allocation of money or budget had been calculated and done, before announcement? Why until recent times...there are still difficulties? Are you all curious? Erm...for me...I guess I am not...we supposed to know what had happen in the middle... Are you thinking the same thing as mine? Okok...after such long words...I still think the government takes up stupid steps to cope with the inflation that had been worrying every countries in the world. They should have do something better. I salute Japanese and Japanese government. They take very good care for the citizens as they know, if a country have no citizens, there will be no government. So, the government takes up the responsibilities very well..and of course, there are weaknesses that we might not aware...however, they still looking after their citizens well...especially when it comes to economy...see how their agriculture economy helps to boast their income both internally and externally...

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