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Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's been like a routine for me, ever since I am out from hometown to study and now to work. What that routine that I mentioned? Go out 'yum cha' with friends is like a must to me. I guess this is important as we grow older, the opportunity  to meet up with friends  is getting less and less day by day. I guess I should be thanking God for the blessing to have friends that are still keeping in touch with me  ever since we depart  after schooling year. Well, I must admit that these are hard to find friends that you will treasure every moment you spend with them. Who  know that maybe by the time  each and every one of them has their own family and life must goes on by them without realizing that they had let go something in between of life. I am not saying that all whom I got to meet up are all still single and that's what makes us so eligible to meet up. Even those who had been dating for years will still keep in touch with classmates and schoolmates... but then chance to have often small gathering with them is low. Well, that's their commitment towards their relationship and scarification had to be made by them. However, it's very subjective. Some friend can keep up a balancing life between their relationship with their loved one and their friends. That would be ideal if we would not wants to keep either one party out of our life. Anyhow, not many can make such a rational and logical thinking when it comes to  relationship. It depends. To have friends come and go in life is like a norm. Whatever friends type you are, and whatever friends type you have, every moment counts and more importantly, we participate in the process. To my friends, thank you and thank you once again.

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