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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well well...after jammed and stucked along the short distance from PJ Hilton to Midvalley, we (wen, woonching, lovelybear and me) finally reached midvalley made our ways to the Garden MV. Hmm...the  short distance costed us exactly an hour...after a cursed from our lovelybear stating that we could be jammed for 1 hour. And wtf...we indeed jammed for 1 hour! Sigh.... While waiting and stucked in the jam...I am so damn sleepy while Wen was on phone conversation and WC was asleep (I am surprise because, it's Wen that mentioned she wanted to sleep, and eventually WC is da one who's sleeping!) Okok...after I noticed that everyone has their own business while lovelybear is driving, I felt that I want to sleep too. I said to lovelybear that I felt sleepy as well and...all of a suddenly...I saw a car which happened to overtake us, has a very cute soft toy displayed. And...what's that very cute soft toy? Of course non other that a cute pig! Haha...but...yes... 'Demo....' someone shouted my name while pointing the pig soft toy! I am from a sleepy mode becoming an alert  mode. I am too shocked that I am a PIG?! Erm...okok...indirectly I am indeed a pig...I am borned in the year of pig and that's all! :p Due to this sudden incident, WC happenly to woke up and  aware of the pointing too...and some more..Wen's friend over the phone also felt the happening incident. I am so speechless...and like wtf... was good as in..after that, all of us were so awaken and we finally reached our destiny after some laughter and  non-sense! (Did I just mentioned non-sense?! Ahaha :D) Why are we heading to MV? We had a small gathering while it was also to celebrate Iris's birthday in the coming 25th Nov.  Had da celebration at Fong Lye Tea house and we had ourselves very full for the dinner. It's indeed amusing during the dinner time too. Well....gotta check those photos at my FB ac.  I am too lazy to upload it here.:p Happy birthday Iris...and  best wishe

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