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Monday, November 24, 2008

I am not a desperado

It's been amasing surprise that I got numerous response for just a small post out updates at facebook. My friends asked me what had happened not only via facebook, but also via smses. Wow... This sort of updates really gets a lot of attention especially from girls. Should I say, girls pay more attention to what people's posted shout out? tell out frankly in this blog...The is a reason behind the post out. I am not really rejecting someone...I just want someone to know that this is not gonna worked out. I am a person whereby I had set up my target and upon reaching it, I don't really cares of what is happening at my surrounding. You can say that I am sort of...'Loner'...I walk my own way. You can say that I am used to it...I like my living now...You can say I am cruel...I don't want people to get deeper and hard to return. more reason, 'I am not a desperado'. :p I won't rush love and I won't purposely find love. My love is all around...not meaning that love can be only found from bf-gf relationship...Love can be formed in any it your family, your friends, your pets and even your surrounding and...of course to your God! Have you find your love? Are you desperado, or loner? Not to worry...Love will find a way...and I am sure everyone will do. God bless...:D __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edited** Thank you to those who feed back that my poetry is great. I will try to produce more...provided I got inspiration... :p kekeke... Here's da link to my poetry.

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