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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Does it really matter if you look cool, cute, naive,  cocky or t you can think of to describe a person? For me, yes. It's definitely a yes. Some people are born with a nice sweet and loving face. They are ever adorable through other's eyes. Some are appear cocky, but eventually they are not. Some are just too fierce to be near to. Some are just too kiddo and some are looking a way too cool in everything they do. So, which kind of category that you and I falls into? I couldn't tell you by myself, which category I am into. I could not made a judgement to myself as I am not seeing myself. It all depends to those who get to see you, know you and eventually becomes close to you. Since young, I have been labelled as a cool and hot temper person. My friends always advice me not to be so hot-tempered as they don't want to see me having heart-attack  in the future ==" . Well...those words sound heart breaking, but it's somewhat true. I can get angry easily and I won't be giving face to any of them. I don't care what the heck they are, all I care is  who the hell am I. That's why, friends that are with me since young had get used to it and they can't even bother. Sometimes they are even scared to talk to me, because of this kind of attitude that has been blended very well in me. Did I get rid of it? Nope, I guess I just hide it well in recent times! Maybe this is because of immature thinking, maybe this is because of self-defencing, maybe this is because of childish, and there are lots and lots of reason that hidden behind. I wouldn't know...cause I am born with it. It took me years to grow and realise that attitude needs to be shaped. Bad attitude, hot temper and those falls into negative category are really indeed troublemaker. To avoid such, we really need to learn how to control. Whenever we take control of some situation, we gain patience and  gradually, we learn to behave. Recently, I get a very unique reply. Someone said I look cute! I was like OMG. I have get used to be labelled as cool, not cute. And now the word cute came out! Haha...I guess I really changed dramatically. Some of my primary and secondary schoolmates had noticed about the change and they are really amazed. I am actually thanking them for asking me to control my hot-temper since we are friends. The influences by peer are really damn important and it's proved to be true for me! Well, recently also, I found out that the people at the surrounding becomes so cute and so funny. Some of them are even born with such cute attitude and face that you can't even let yourself to scold them or raise up your voice to them. Their appearance and their behaviour is definitely amusing and with such a person existing in your daily life, will eventually brighten your days! Haha...I really meant it. I can't find a reason why I must not laugh of felt funny. Well, this is also a kind of blessing by God, that my days are ensured to be brighten, even though I am now facing crisis. I couldn't find a reason to frown :D How cute is the person(s)? Well, I can't used words to describe. You need to see by yourself.  I even only use one verse to describe the person 'cute cute de'. That's all I can think of. Haha. My friend even want to befriend with such a cute person after listening to my one verse only. I guess my friend is too eagerly to get to know with the cute one. :p In addition to it, this cute person everyday something fresh and funny to amuse me. I can't help but to laugh or even made fun of the person . (OKOK, I may sounds so bad, when I said I even made fun of the person. But, It's true. The person is damn too funny and cute already!) So, do you believe also that the cute person shares the same behaviour as mine? There were incidents that we happen to show out the same behaviour, same word and same respond! (OMG, I know this sounds so spooky or suspicious to some of you,  but this is true). I felt the coincidences were too coincidence. It's like a shadow or a replicate of me in behaviour, even though the person is cute! It's been a fourth time...and I believe there will be more coming soon! :p Well, maybe this person  is a long lost siblings of mine ...hehe :p Coming back to the main point, this person describe me in a total opposite of what my friends has been labelled me for. Totally opposite, Ok. I was like, are you kidding me? I never been heard such an opposite term to describe me. From cool or maybe cocky or even maybe not friendly (to those who didn't get to know me well) to become a cute and friendly person...Swt...Don't misunderstood me. It's not about relationship by the description. It's just I felt it funny when this person known me as a cute person and in fact I am not! Anyway, I am indeed changed from what I am in the past. Friends whom know me since young should have know better. I am glad that my changes have bring out happiness and laughter to all of you. I didn't kept in heart of the heart-attack thing. It's good that friends, you all had woke me up. I am also glad that I dare to take up chances to make the change. I didn't realise that life can be better with a better attitude, until the moment friends let me know that  they are enjoying my presence! I am  absolutely grateful that I have all of you as my friends too. Maybe this sounds a bit like those who write back at secondary or even in high school. But, I don't care much. I treasure the friendships, I cheerish the moments every now and then.

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