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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My 2 cents

Today a conversation between me n a friend turned out to generate this blog for me. I happen to advice my friends to become more aware that actually there are choices that we need to make in life and it turns out that one simple mistake in making decision will cause a disaster.  My friend msn me saying that she is indeed going to get married, maybe. I am definitely shocked. Okok...I am shocked not because she tell me she want to get married, it's a norm for a girl to get married especially she is dating a boyfriend. I am shocked, becaused she doesn't really knows whom that she want. She is just playing with fire. I am extra worry for her. Of course, that's her life and I am nothing to judge and tell...but it's just my two cents for her. The final verdict is still depends to her. Why I am so uh-huh for the news she is getting married? 1: Her bf is definitely an superb egoitic man according to her. But my friend still dating her...don't ask me, love is blind and I guess it's true :p Why? This is because how can a guy use the ex(s) as comparisons to the current one. Ok...fair enough, if comparison can make relationship between them is better (I don't know!) then let them go ahead, right? But...wait...there is this thing...what if your bf said something i.e "If I got a daughter, I want to name her lets says 'Beauty'-(name had been changed for privacy and reading purposes)". Erm...I supposed people will questioned why name as Beauty? Any particular excuse? Any speciality? Any reason? And...guess what...?! The reason simplified. "It's because my first love in my life was named Beauty!" I was like wtf...Name the daughter as Beauty because of rememberance of first love?! Can you see the relevancy of the naming? My opinion...ok, my that the bf still very much remembered the first love and cannot let her go...that's why name the daughter as the first love's let him remember the first love now and forever. 2: Always compare the ex(s) gf and now. Ok...Comparison is good..because it makes competition and makes one upgrade herself to be competance...but...this is relationship..and it involved is much relevance? (Since the bf already broke ups  with the ex(s). Maybe we will though of comparison of our goodness for the ex(s)  badness is not that ugly looking...but wait...what if...what if you are not really destinied to be with this bf, you broke up with him someday..and eventually he will compare you as one of his ex(s) to the current. Talking bad about previous gf made him looks so cheap. It's not that this will makes the current gf fact...this is something unethical. Since the broke up had been agreed, why bother to make the comment about it in front of the current gf. Ermm...lets say...if it happened to be opposite...The bf always talks about how good you are for on so to his ex(s)...yet, still there are's just at a different angle and it still involved the current and the ex(s). If the ex(s) gf  are so and so in weaknesses...why didn't he accept it slowly and try to love the ex(s) for love's sake, even though there are weaknesses? There is non in the world is perfect! And if the ex(s) had such weaknesses that the bf could not take it, we, might as well have weaknesses that he could not take it as well...and if by these weaknesses aren't acceptable for the bf, is the bf going to break up and find another? Give and take....., right? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a lot more...that can be discussed over here...but i just posted up 2 points, as for sharing. For those who did not agreed on what I had point out, that's wholly my point of view. Each individuals has their different taste and thinking. But, that's my 2 cents. Eventually, my friend mentioned one phrase that makes me less worried about her life..."I still can choose!" She still clear about what she really wanted. Obviously, she have not yet found the right one yet! Hehehe...not because I am evil...I wish my friend will have the happiness in their life too...I just hope they'll do...that's why I ask her to think deeply...thinkthoroughly, think as much as they can...take as much time as she make a decision, whether she wants to marry this bf or not. "Marriage is fragile in the life of modern people...even though some people still hold ons to their vows...but eventually divorce is becoming the trend of the recent get marry and to get divorce is just a borderline and easily be crossover...there is less or no more boundaries in the marriage life..." `Cheerioet`

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