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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ok...lets make a deal...sooner or later

I finally get the signature from my boss...but sadly the science officer is not in. So, I will only submit on next Wednesday. My discussion with downstair lecturer...Sigh...cause me chaos...Agreed to take me as RA, but haven confirm it with black and white. I am now looking forward for the discussion with Stc on next Monday regarding to the project and as well as hiring me as part time ra or demo. She indeed as me for demo next semester..lets wait for next week to confirm. i am now such a desperado... ==" Well...i will have to make a deal sooner or later...if I have no scholarship, it's definitely a what friends had told me before"...must get a scholarship to study..." so...i guess if not, i am going to look for a job while looking again for postgrad. lets it goes....   God Bless Me....

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