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Friday, December 5, 2008


After my friend ffk last weekend for a yum cha session at Kampar, I felt like I am so sucked up. Not only me, ok...another friend of mine whom happen and suppose to be with us for the yum cha also felt the same towards this friend. It's not that you can't ffk. But make it a reasonable one, please? The pictures she posted already betrayed her, as in she ffk because she's with other group of friend to have a yum cha after a wedding dinner banquet. I called, but her phone can't be connected through due to the network blockage of her usage. I confronted her, the following Monday...and asked her why didn't bother just sms us to inform us for a call-off. She replied as her phone got problem, she didn't have one to do so. I asked can't she thought of borrowing one of the friends' phone to send out a sms? She replied that she didn't think of that! WTF***!!! I definitely doubted it, but what to do...she is still my friend, even though she ffk like that. Friend, before you ffk...better eliminate every evidence that you ffk for another group of friend. I don't mind as in we have numerous group of friends...I don't mind you go out yum cha session with them at that night, after the dinner. All I mind is that you didn't even bother to make a sms or a call for us to call off the yum cha, and keep us waiting! I hate waiting, you know. Plus...where's the apology? Since already ffk, so, me and the other friend of mine plan to ask for a yum cha session, whereby it's her treat and of course...must be damn expensive!

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