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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Talking about love... And lets' talk about love then... Why on earth, that there are people who only can think of love as in boy and girl relationship? Why on earth there are people who only treasure the moment of love with their so-called loved one in the relationship? Couldn't they think of, there is other love existed? Love is so beautiful, so divine, so generous, so patience...yet love is passionating, love provoking, and love demanding... As people who can only think of love in the relationship way...I guess...this is such a shallow thinking...yet might been caused by the blindness in relationship. When someone is in relationship..especially in the phrase that the love blossom and passionate each other...the rest of the world means nothing to them. In their eyes, they can only see each other, in their eyes, they can only see their life, in their eyes, they can only see their love... They forgot about the 'love is divine, love is generous'... Families, friends, pets and so many more become a secondary structure to their life...their primary structure is their love. I bet, by wonder people can say out in chinese saying 'you ching yum shui bau'. Of course, not everyone is like this...this is also refering to certain people...or certain types of people. Somehow...people questioned me, on why I look on so seriously for the 'Love' word. I treasure the 'love'. I treasure love from my families, I treasure love from my friends...I even treasure the from m pets. I lost them...quite a number of time...I knew the moment you lost someone or something so precious to you...So, I really takes in every minute. For me, even though love in boy-girl relationship is this will draw to a new family, a new life, a new beginning, a new chapter, a new is yet so suppose not to be so focused on boy-girl relationship. Saying I love you to you families, your friends and even pets doesn't make you looked insane. It's just cultural environment in the east didn't practice this well by this, we are lack of confident to show our love to those that we really treasure. Westerners are far more open into this. They teaching and practice for this loving act is indeed good and inspiring. We should have say I love each other... I think I should... I always say I love you to my dog...though. I talk to my dog. Sounds silly, and crazy or maybe someone will think I am a physco...talking with a dog? I enjoy my moment talking to my dog...more than having conversation with my siblings...and parents...somehow...I can become talkative when I seeing friends that are sharing the same channel. I even will treasure them more... Talk about the 3 words, I still hesitate to say it out, to other...anyway...I am trying. Trying to be a lovingly person to my friends, hmm...notice this...i didn't mentioned family though. I have a wall of my own...whereby I had built it for such a long time. I seldom speak with my family member, you can actually count our words.  You will see they way I treat my friends is far more better than the way I treated my family. How on earth that there's person like me existed? Well...I am who I am...I am still the one creature created by God on earth for some purpose. So, however weird I am, or my actions towards my family, I am still the one who come back to visit the most. brother of course, he wanted to...but he's far...and he needed to earn for the family. My sister? ha...that's even more nonsense...she already engaged in a relationship since young...and every now and then. Will she bother? K.L and Kampar isn't far, and I still hold on to return to hometown, every fortnight.  I don't know why, but I guess...I guess, ok...relationship of boy-girlfriend bonded them to not to return. See? Sacrifices had to be done. One of the family member shall have to hold on, until it's not necessary. Well...whatever it is... I am still loving them...I am still loving my families, my friends, and my pets. I wanted to say 'I love you' It's just I am too shy to say it to, It's just I am too arrogant to admit It's just I am too concern for my pride, It's not I don't want to... Because every now and then... I still love you. 'I love you'

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