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Saturday, December 6, 2008

once and twice

Suddenly got the urge to make this out. Once and twice. You asked me once, Will I ever turn back if I am let go? You asked me twice, Will I ever  say it-that I love you so? Along the cold narrow street way, I remembered the embrace you gave that day, When you  hardly let me went  my way, And I remembered it in everyday, Walking  alone under the dim  moonlight, And my own shadow accompany me by my side, How cold it is to walk alone at night, But I know I must  go on with my plight, You asked me once, Will I ever remember you in my heart? You asked me twice, Will I ever find my way in the dark? And here I am now walking through the park, Alone again in the dark, I remembered how you guided me with your love, And  now I learned to walk with love, I would not be missing you and that's my promise, But how I wish I could do it with all my mind, And all that we had compromised, How I wish I had put it aside and left behind, And tell me now why my heart still drowning in tears? And my living is still in fears? I am asking not once and not twice, Will there be answer for me in trice? (Copyright reserved to Emmy Sau Peng Lee)

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