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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

While waiting for a 15 minutes incubation time...I am here to blog a little bit about today activities... :p Today is the day, whereby Dr Stc bought us (WC,Wen,Lovelybear,Iris,and me) a great lunch! We had our lunch at Zen, Sunway Pyramid. All along the way, we chat about a lot of item and we were even able to ask her birth date! haha... She was born at 5th of March. Year?! Erm...lets us all don't think about the age... :p So, the secret unveiled. She's a Pieces...and Wen got it correctly. The rest of us have a different answer...and somehow...Wen is the only one got it correctly...Haha...Well, Wen also has a good sense in guessing... :D After the excellent lunch at Zen, we headed to the cinema for BOLT (3D)! Woah...(people must be thinking...these fellas...lunch and movie on a working day... damn free!) Haha...well, it had happened. Bolt...what a cute dog with his fellows companion Rhino, the hamster and Mitten, the cat. Watch it...and go for's worth for it. Dr Stc also suggested to have a bbq Christmas at her house on 19 Dec. She just suggested it ouot of a sudden and we are also quite anticipate for it, since she said she don't mind to organise it at her house...( long as, we all must come early to help her) Haha...well...another surprise by our boss and supervisor! Some more...when we talked about Iris's composing music at her music classes...Dr Stc suggested to have a theme song for Legionella and Coliphage...and it's a NO JOKE. She said she really meant it. She is giving Iris a year time to get it composed! Woah...a song for Leg and Colip? haha :p's my time up now. Gotta kick back my ass to work...and this is really another historical day...Will this kind of day ever happen again? Erm...I guess not! haha :D

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