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Monday, November 9, 2009


No, I just dislike the feeling of making someone done something that they dislike it, and making me guilty about it. I am not being demanding in forcing, just as in for companion, but it seems it was way too wrong. If that's the case, I guess I just need to have a break, a break of trying to be one that's not demanding, and a break of trying to get rid of all these. If for what guilt had surrounded me for what I had done, FINE. I am now not making myself guilty anymore. I won't be in that position anymore. I don't want to make anyone involve anymore. Let it be me only and just me ALONE. I am fine with that too!



Monday, November 2, 2009

incident that can be avoided?

Read the news about the UTar's students that drowned at the waterfalls. Knew it on sunday night, right after made an update regarding to the news about 3 feared to be drowned, and today early in the morning, all dead body found. Maybe those who felt like this kind of accident is fated, and they felt it was just too coincident and it was their destiny. Well, in my opinion, ok...IT IS my point of view...I do not need readers to agree with what I am saying...... that actually this kind of tragically happened incident can be avoided. Read the news carefully as in the deceased went to swim at around 5pm, and according to villagers, it was just after raining. And it was a common issue in Malaysia that we will have raining seasons at the end of the years, due to monsoon season... At the first place, why needed to go swim at the waterfalls, even after a cold rainy day; plus it was reaching evening-notice that this kind of timing, normally local won't swim there, except for really dry and sunny season, or went to nearby site for insect sampling only. Ask me frankly if I would go to waterfalls 5pm in the evening...DEFINITELY NO. Since I was a kid, I always heard the elders especially my mum told me to avoid waterfalls, during raining seasons, even during evening, and especially when we cannot predict how the water current will be at falls. WHY? Why my mum will always remind the siblings about the dangerous of water current from falls? She herself experienced it. Once, when she was young, around 16 or 17 years old; she went to waterfalls with friends and sisters...when.... all of a sudden, a the water gush from the hill top of the falls, and fortunately, the sisters including my mum were able to climb up to a higher place, and they were trapped at the opposite site of the river bank from the mainland. So, all they could do, were to wait for the water flow to slow down, and they called for help. They waited for almost 2 hours for the help to get way, due to none of the experts dare to cross with the strong current. All of them were saved, and they never did dare to swim at falls, during raining seasons, or even after rained, or when it's entering evening. This sound like a taboo...but it is kind of real that when evening reaches, usually picnickers nearby waterfalls will leave. Whenever we can actually avoid an incident to happened, it can not be called fated, destined or accident. Sometimes, it is because of our failure to take note of personal safety and also friends safety that caused this incident to happened. Not trying to blame the deceased as well as the fourth one that survived the incident; but look deep inside this moral of the story. It caused lives, when we are careless regarding to our safety. Adventure can be fun, but think of the consequences when we want the adventure-do we well prepared for it? Condolences to the deceased family....and also, to those UTarians that happened to still be around at Kampar, do remember that waterfalls are dangerous places, even though the nature and beauty of the falls might made you fall for it. Just bear in mind, observe what the locals usually do... As far as I remember, I do not have friends or family members that are willing to go waterfalls during evening time (even it's hot and sunny day), raining seasons, or rainy day-definitely a NO at the timing of just after raining. Here the police had given out a notice advice to the public for the waterfalls, due to the incident. Oh, I forgotten to mentioned that-usually, waterfalls claims live every now and then, just depending to seasons and also personal awareness. If one is observant enough (or having any common sense), he or she suppose to know when is the right time to avoid waterfalls.



Monday, October 26, 2009

What the heck on earth that's happening....

What the heck on earth that's happening to this father? Read the news....adopted from the star "Dad's blind fury leaves girl blinded" Due to wanted the girl to concentrate on studies, he can just splashed the acids to the mother and daughter? Such an inconsiderate act by the father. I would wonder, what kind of penalty/punishment the father will receive for his act. This just reminds me of something similar that almost happen to me as well, not with acid, but with an axe! Such barbaric act by the father... Hope the girl will have the courages to continue with her life, while accept the fact that her mother was gone leaving she and her brother. What can the father do now? The girl has been blinded permanently and now, how she is going to cope with this disability? On the other hand, I just don't understand what is this stupid Gov is doing. They planned in the budget 2010 that RM 50 service tax will be charged for each credit card...and do you think this is for the 'rakyat' own good? For God's sake, they should have stop to blur the 'rakyat' and treating the 'rakyat' as they are dumb. This isn't the first time that the stupid Gov came out with stupid idea and once again, due to this kind of stupid suggestion, the 'rakyat' has to suffer the consequences.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


WHY ON EARTH THAT ALIEN IN MY LAB EXIST? Ok, I am sorry that I had to use all caps in the above sentence. I just wanted to emphasize that the alien in the lab indeed very very annoying. She even posted in her facebook shout out that how desperately she wanted to get a PhD, so that all the tedious work will be done by some other person; and all the credits belongs to her. (such an arrogant person!) Oh, crap! This alien in the lab doesn't even deserve to get into honours. She will just make all the previously graduated honours students get disgusted by knowing Mon-Uni is getting such a student as honours student! She even complaint that how tired is working lab works and there was this day that she actually worked until pass 6pm, she continuously absent herself for 5 days! I guess she must be claiming that she needed those days for resting... Oh my gosh...if just working for over 6pm is tiring for her; what about us that we work more than 12 hours in the lab? She is just not the material to work in the lab, and I don't seems to understand why that she still want to continue honours. Damn it. bad, my bad...I should have not to judge or comment people in such a way...but I couldn't help it. She is just too annoying. And...did I ever mentioned that everytime she enter the lab and stayed there, the lab will have one kind of  smell that stained and it's awkward... =="

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The day the Uni is shaking!

Well.... My bad, my bad.... That I did not update news regarding to the alien.... But before I start blogging about the alien, I want to blog about special happening at Uni today. What's so special? Erm....While I am checking some email+pet society-ing-restaurant city-ing and also watching video, I suddenly felt my chair was shaking. I happen to ignored it totally, but.... This shaking grew more vigorously until I felt like those words that I am typing and reading were too blurred. I took a look at those buffers on top of the shelf...all are shaking...and so do my water bottle that was just next to the notebook. At this point, I know that this isn't something like over sensitive or imagination. I indeed felt something similiar, when heavy truck/vehicle passed by the Uni for the construction behind. Well...this shaking seems to be not originated from the heavy truck, as I see none from the lab window. Short after I asked WC, if she experienced it, JT came in and asked what's happening, as she felt like the building is agitating. Wow, at least, I have someone came in and exclaimed that she felt the building is agitating. I definitely positive on not having imagination. For whatever reason that is making the building agitating for a while...I guess maybe is still due to the constructions, behind and next to the Uni...... ==" ==" =="

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

days with alien, epi3(special edition)-part II

I am so happy to say that my BP getting to become normal again. This is all because both me n WC did not see this alien in the lab since Sunday. Well, maybe I should not celebrate so early...but I just could not help myself. I must share out this good news... :D Oh, ya... the decision to make this special edition into part 1 and part 2 was out of the blue. A sudden breaking news shocked me, and I felt there is this urge for me to spread it out. SBK asked someone from WC's batch to become his part time RA. (Oh, forgot to mention, this WC isn't Val, so, don't mistakenly dragged Val WC is another Lee in the lab). This person, initially thought it was quite an interesting offer as the part time RA duty is just to finish up the remaining lab works from MY's part. It was mentioned that it will involve just PCRs and also sequencing and analyzing of the sequenced results. SBK also said that he wanted to find this person, because he heard from other lecturers that this person is good and trust worthy to be hired as RA. So, SBK is the one approached this person to ask him for the job offer. (Indeed this person has the credibility to be recommended by other lecturers) and....all this Sounds great, right? Who knows, that this SBK might...OK...I mentioned might (cause it have not yet happened, it is all my assumption),  trying to manipulate this person. Why I says so? A few days ago, this person lets name as A, came in and said that it will be confirmed at September. So, both me and WC were like "HUH?" And A mentioned that SBK might require A to do field sampling or will need A as a helper for collecting samples. Well, luckily A was like kind of smart to brush off the topic of transportation involving A, because SBK asked A regarding to A's type of transportation. Of course, A did mentioned that A is driving to Uni, but A quickly react as in, if in field sampling or collecting samples, A will be following SBK. (Which is kind of true, because the lecturer have to provide the transportation, or else, the RA can claim from the lecturer's grant for what the RA had paid for.) After that conversation between A and SBK, A came in and inform us as in September will be the starting month. I was surprised. What I meant that I was surprise? If not because A mentioned that A might have the possibility to become RA with SBK, SBK actually did not even inform me. Ok, fine. Who the hell I am, in a position that he needed to inform or let me know that he will be hiring RA....BUT, he did mentioned to WC and he expect WC to tell me?! And who is the official student that register under his supervision? Ok, I am not showing jealousy, but I am having pity to myself that my supervisor didn't even have the heart to let me know (okok, so do I..... I am also back stabbing him now and I don't even have the interest to inform him regarding my problems!; lets get even!!!) Oh, forgot to mention that, SBK also excountered the alien weirdness. How do I know? Well, my 'bomoh-ship' superior witnessed it when doing some animal tissue culture thingy at the general tissue culture lab. When this alien was doing plant extraction, there will be a lot of steps requiring flicking of microcentrifuge tube to mix. And, well....this alien replied to sbk that she find it hard to use finger to do the flicking. This alien even mentioned to sbk that she just cannot do it(the flicking with finger). So, this alien asked permission to take some tubes to go back home and practise. OMG!!! I am wondering, did she really graduate from B.Sc Biotechnology?! Hmm...coming up next, is internal conflix....... =="

Monday, August 24, 2009

Days with alien, epi3 (special edition)-part I

Well, now here is the story regarding to the alien's supervisors that seems to be not innocent at all!!! They (2 lecturers: C.C and SBK), knew that this student (a.k.a da alien) is problematic and received a lot of complains before, but....Yes, BUT... They don't even bother to warn us or inform us anything. WC confronted and talked with SBK regarding to this alien, as in we, those in the labs cannot stand this alien arrogant, and ignorance, plus the everything-put the supervisor's name to scare us. This SBK told WC that we should be more understanding and should guide and teach her slowly. WTF!!! If we are hired specially just to teach, then it's totally a different story, but we are also students and now, SBK expect us to teach and guide and be more understanding?! Hey, come on, if we are suppose to be more understanding for this alien, who will be more understanding for us?! This SBK really talks bull sh*t. Later, in some other time, SBK talked to WC again, regarding to this alien. He mentioned something as in, guys and girls thinks differently. OMG such a lame excuse and statement. Of course, individuals thinks differently. Even guys and guys also can think differently...and brothers and sisters also thinks differently, due to we are called individual and we have variances...What the heck he thought to tell us that guys and girls thinks differently?! He said, they (C.C and SBK) can just finished and solve the problem regarding to the alien in 2 minutes, but we girls cannot seems to solve it even after few days. After I heard that, I was like ' D*mn you, SBK!!!' And do you want to know how he n C.C solved it? They said they will move the alien to next door, with Kmr's lab and the problem solved! I was so f*cking cannot believe it. They thought that already solved the problems? NOT AT ALL! This is because when we asked, if she will ever come back in sbk's lab to do her lab work, the answer was YES, she got the rights to do the lab work in SBK's lab, also she can go over to C.C's to do lab work, plus now she can do lab work in Kmr's lab and uses the utilities in all of these 3 labs. I was so surprise, that this was considered problems solved and case closed. Do you think the case closed? I can ensure you, more problems will aroused, due to this alien is a high maintenance student. This alien will just ruined every lab that IT enters. The more lab IT messed up, the more people will complain about her problems.  And then, why the double standards? This alien is a student, so do me n WC! We are also students and we also did not have such a privilege?! Do you know what C.C said to me? He said, that we need to speaks softly, have to use a soft lay-back  attitude and do not use harsh words towards this alien as in to keep both of us safe? WHY?! Moreover, even C.C mentioned that he don't want to takes in the responsibilities that both me and him are innocent from. So, to get a safety net, he will get sbk together with all those who are working in the lab to get face to face for a lab meeting. I don't mind getting that lab meeting, but I just have a superb strong feeling that the meeting would not have any outcome, and yet, the problems still sticks. This is soooooooooo s*cks. I could not believe that SBK and C. C will get me n WC involved with such a problematic non-earth, extra-terrestrial thingy!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Days with alien, epi2 is the continuing story of this specific alien. Oh, forgot to mention, this alien have a mentor that also behave I will try to type it out, if not in this blog, will be in the coming blog. Some day, in this week, the alien specifically asked Stc's pHD-WC to teach her how to cast a EtBr pre-stained gel...In fact, SBK just too damn lame to bother for teaching her how to cast post-stain gel, maybe (my assupmtion). So, SBK asked stc's students, meaning us, whether we do pre-staining, and how...and so on so forth. After such questioning, SBK said that his hons stud will need to do pre-stained gel, since he have not yet found suitable place to store the EtBr solution to do the post-staining. Hence, he mentioned that he might need our help to teach the stud. Who knows....that this hons stud is definitely an alien. I don't know if  she ever attended any of the MBB or Gen classes and labs. The damn classical incident happened to WC, when she was in the lab to teach this alien how to cast a pre-stained gel. Initially, she asked the alien to weight the agarose powder and then measure 30mL of 1X Tae to mix well, before boiling it. So, where is the 1x Tae? Wc asked the alien to prepare 1x Tae her own, jst dilute it from the 10X. And do you know what this alien did? Measure 3mL 10X Tae and want to top up to 30mL to make a 1x Tae. Alright, it was not wrong, but it need to cast a lot of gel in the future, right? Might as well it prepare more 1x Tae as in a 1L bottle. Then, when boiling the mixture, WC ask this alien to boil it until boiling, but it needed at least 1 minute to get it boiled, and after 1 minute, check it to make sure it fully dissolved and then can wait awhile to pipette in the EtBr. IT put the flask inside the microwave, 20 seconds later, opened the microwave door to check...OMG! People had mentioned to her, AT LEAST 1 MINUTE, and she take it out after 20 second to check if it's boiling! And after much frustration informing IT, there we go, the adding and mixing of EtBr in the flask. WC adviced her, not to swirl so vigorously, as it will form bubles and will affect the migration later, as well as will caused not nice gel image. Then this alien when mixing, needed like forever to mix, WC asked her enough of the mixing and just pour the liquid. Who knows, the EtBr still not yet mixed and stained at the wall. Well, if the EtBr still stained at the wall, what the hell IT was mixing when so vigourously shaking it, and what the f*ck IT was doing to mix it in such a long duration of time? Here comes the best of the best. After the gel solidified, IT came by and asked WC, how much buffer to pour in? So, WC nicely replied, just cover the gel (she was doing hyberdization that time, while answering IT). Then, again, this alien asked again, how much buffer to pour in? AGAIN, WC answered just cover the gel. So, this alien, pour the buffer...and asked WC to check if the buffer covered the gel. THE MOST SHOCKING MOMENT as in the buffer indeed just on top of the gel in the tank! There was no buffer in the gel tank but just ON TOP OF THE GEL!!! Helloooooo, even I am not from a molecular or biotech background last time, I also knew that the buffer have to flood the gel as in just nice to cover the gel to run gel electrophoresis! Then when that was the time to pipette in the product. This alien asked how much loading dye to pipette in? WC just asked her to calculate as in, we don't know how much product she wanna load in and she asked this alien a question...which was "What's the purpose of loading dye?" Well, this alien answer in such an arrogant way that the loading dye is to migrate the DNA! Wow!!! Loading dye is to migrate the DNA, so, why we need to run gel electrophoresis? When this is just a part of the happening in the lab....and there are more to come.... Do, stay tune for more reports from me, and more interesting and classical action. Well, before I ended this blog for this moment, I would like to mention that this alien's mentor isn't that innocent at all. Why? Allow me to continue in the coming blog....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Days with alien, epi 1

As day passed by in the lab, it seems like a lot of changes happened! Partially, it might be me that felt so, due to the changes of the orientation, changes of management, changes of equipments, chenges of students, and even changes of attitude! I, personally, also changes. I become impatient, become very very extremely short tempered, and also, I have talk less and less and less!!! Ok. Here is the story. Ever since Boss stc had ciao, the lab left me and another labmate. Both of us seated along the same bench and we cleared an emptied the other bench for another lecturer usage. The other lecturer also shown such a huge disrecpect when she initially enter the lab brought in by sbk. She just open every cabinet to see how full are the cabinets with chemicals, media, reagents, apparatus, and equipments on bench, also those freezer and fridges in the lab. (At that time, Boss stc still around and she have not yet officially off from musc!) sbk just brought her in and said something like...this will be my new lab...I was like WTF!, boss stc haven't ciao and you already brought in visitor to said this is your new lab. I indeed told Boss about this, and she said she will talk to sbk and the new lecturer. After that, I know, these two lecturers should had labeled me as a person whom will complain to boss. Indeed, after I informed boss, less harrasment of foreign people into the lab saying this is my new lab. But, the story did not just end like that. It was just the beginning. Just when we thought the two lecturers are fine with us and can let us be at where we are, here comes this huge disaster. sbk honours student. This thing indeed caused a lot of problems and troubles to us in the lab. When those who had been doing demo for quite some time, all of them saw this thing, and warned us to becareful. Why?! Because this thing is problematic, troublesome, ignorance, cannot follow instruction, and somemore, no basic wetlab knowledge at all! Yes, NO BASIC KNOWLEDGE AT ALL!!! How do we know? Well, once she ask me, where is the stirrer and hot plate to heat the EDTA she is preparing. I said, if the EDTA that you are preparing isn't high Molarity, you can just slowly dissolve it in dH2O. It is not neccessary to use the stirrer and hot plate. Secondly, she asked me to teach her how to switch on the water bath and set the temperature. I was fine with it, so, I asked her 'What temperature you are using?'. Can you guess what's the answer? She replied " 100C". I was in total stunned and my reflection was like "WHAT?! 100C? You know 100C cannot be used in waterbath, it will spoil the water bath. Suppose you boil water in a beaker and incubate the tubes in boiling temperature to do the incubation in 100C!" Know what she did? She just went off, and i kinda don't want to know where she did the 100C incubation. Later, the next day, this thing ask another same skin colour alien to teach her how to set the temperature of the waterbath. I overheard the followings: Alien: I don't know how to set this waterbath temperature, so can you teach me... (some sort like this, coz the alien speaks foreign language that is non-human and non-earth, it's kinda amasing that I can hear the question!) The other alien: OK, press this and switch this, rotate this and the temperature will rise. Ok, set and done. Now it's 65C. Alien: It's 65C? Why have not the temperature figure here show 65C? The other alien: It's 65C, here have not yet 65C because this is the water temperature now. it will take time and slowly heated to 65C. it won't directly shoot up to 65 after we changed it! [Can you imagine...even if I am not doing science, and my mother also know it. When you are boiling water, you need to heat to slowly heat the water to get the temperature in the water to rise! How come this alien don't know? Obviously, this alien isn't from planet earth!] There are more story coming ahead. i shall put the other lab mate story up, in the episode 2. so, stay tune for more interesting story from me, and more facinating action from this alien.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


.... that there is this kind of person, whom cannot listen to words carefully. This person, had been warned; not to make any changes, rearrangement, relocation, and.... why is that so hard to understand these words of DO NOT REMOVE?! I am so sickening with this person, I don't fucking care if the person mind what I will do next. I am a walking time bomb, I can't be provoked...And now the person is testing my endurance, I won't endure anymore. Enough is enough. I will draw than border line, nice and clear. I cannot see any reason that I should have to keep on tolerating this person's strange behaviour in understanding words.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

S and M in BM....

S and M in BM...?! It is such a sad news to read on when I first browse Here is the news regarding to the dicision of which language to use to teach Science and Maths. I personally felt great when initially the government have the thought to make teaching of Science and Maths in English. This will not only make life easier when coming to further study, but also will improve the standard of students studying Science and Maths. A lot of terms and names are actually translated when we are studying then using BM. I am not saying that the translation is no good, but it will be a waste of energy, time, and resources when it comes to translating them from English to BM. It might be hard, to those whom are weak in English, but they should know that when they enter the high school life, college and universities, English becoming an important language, not only to communicate but also to help and enable them to study subjects or programme easier. I, myself being educated in a vernicular school, studied Science and Maths in BM, felt that I had had to restudy everything when I am in the univeristy. Why? All those been studied during high school were in BM, and I find it very hard to understand at first, when all the teachings in University are in English. Yes, we do have MUET. But that is only the language paper, not the subject. Surprisingly, I had my own lecturer at my ex-university saying something like "who will read scientific journal articles in BM? those papers are useless unless they are translated into English!" I am amased. These words uttered by a Malay lecturer whom himself find it very stupid for the authorities to ask the lecturer to teach in BM while lecturer notes and terms are all in English. How stupid it is just to make certain group of people an easy life, but will cause their life even harder in the future. During my public speaking subject and also my english for occupational purposes (eop), not many are willing to take up these 2 subjects. They find it very hard to score and very hard to study. But is it very hard? Is it important just to score it and never did understand the subjects and uilise them? I am grateful that I have the courages to take up EOP during final year, as this subject really an eye-opener for me. I find it even easier for me to study the rest of the subjects taught in the university by using English, as I understand and utilise the usage of English. I have no difficulties converse in it, and indeed I am still facing difficulties to present and to write up, but I am copping up. I am not to say that English is superior to other languages, but the authorities should have know, how important it is to walk in the right path. Education system in a country is very important to shape up the youngs and the youngs will eventually become the leader of the country in the future. Imagine that the youngs that we are producing, cannot even understand science and maths in English. I would say, shame to our authorities, shame to our country, shame to our nation. Do we really want to stand up tall in the eyes of the world? Do we really want to move forward to have a better future? Do we really want the best for the nation's sake? If yes, why the authorities cannot see the importance of English. Mother languages can still be preserved, even though we are not teaching subjects using the mother language. We shall not limit the thought of because of the sake of preserving the mother language, we forgot the importance using English. I believe, teaching Science and Maths in English is still the best way to lead the nation from a developing country to a developed country. The stubbornness of fighting to preserve BM in this case, will only make the education system in Malaysia not recognised, and will make a down turn to cast away all the foreign students to study in Malaysia. In this situation, we are actually draw-backing us, not making us forward due to the corrupted education system in Malaysia.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Will the truth...

Alone in the room, really will give me inspiration to write some poem; whenever the timing is correct-there will be a poem out. Here we go.......................................... [Will the truth…] Will the truth be ever revealed? In the lies that had been concealed? Will the truth forever buried? When the heart undergone harried? Will the truth worth to be kept? When everything seems such an inept, Will the truth worth to be taken? In the promises that had been forsaken? Will the truth ever appeal? At the edge of unintended repeal, Will the truth stood tall for the truth? When human just being uncouth? Will the truth eternally be hidden? Protected truth declared forbidden, Will the truth everlastingly by gone? And no one ever can have the power to withdrawn… Copyright ©2009  Emmy Sau Peng Lee

Friday, June 19, 2009

A friend told me...

.........that there had been cases of mortality of girls after injected with Gardasil. And the figure? According to, there are 29 cases in two years out of 5 millions girls whom  had taken the Gardasil as a  measures of cervical cancer prevention. Am I not afraid of it? I believe every medicine has their own risk for human consumption. It was rather a bit paranoid if we were to conclude that Gardasil causes death and we do not need Gardasil. It might be a risk for everyone to take Gardasil, as it was still a vaccine that is quite new...and there has been ALWAYS a risk in taking vaccine, regardless of any vaccine. If that will causes a high alarm in us, and hesitating, or even warm others to NOT taking Gardasil; that will not be ME. After attending a forum organised by the Science Academic of Malaysia, even denggue causes more death compare to H1N1 flu or SARS or JE or TB. AM I AFRAID? (I am living in a tropical country where mosquitos breed and grow happily...) I will still advice young girls or those whom had not yet sexually active to have this vaccination. If there has been exposure to sexual intercourse, YEARLY PAP SMEAR will be ideal to have early detection and to treat it earlier. Step and I had finished the 3 jap of Gardasil quite some months ago, I am fine and so does she. My two cents here are that it is very subjective regarding to each individual immune system response towards vaccination, and also it varies from age as well as to individuals' strong will. I have no regret taking Gardasil. And I will still advice my friends and family members to consider taking Gardasil while they are still eligible to do so. There has been always a saying "Prevention is better than cure" So, try to prevent it before we are exposed to it, if we had been exposed; take pre-caution to do PAP SMEAR as a yearly routine check up. These will save life...lots of life to the culprit called HumanPapilloVirus. No offend to those family members, friends or who-so-ever whom had their loved ones lost their life due to Gardasil. Gardasil might not be a perfect vaccine, and there might be a lot more spaces to be develop; but there is one thing for sure, those whom had lost their life were willingly to get Gardasil. Before they lost their life, they lay their trust for a vaccine that can prevent them or giving them higher chances to avoid cervical cancer. All we need to do, is to respect the deceased choices. They had chosen to try, instead of denying. So, what's your saying?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I do not understand...

...Words came out trully as suggestion and opinion, sounds like words that kills and they were disasters... Advice that came out from a concern friend, sounds like a tease... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe I tried too hard to be a good person and a good friend... Maybe I should have to learn how to become evil... Maybe I just need not to care... Maybe I should have let it all be...   " I am not changing you, I need you to know; if that is not what you want to hear, I would not be talking it anymore. I have done what a friend should do; the rest all depends to you. "

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Every year, there will be arguement regarding to whom shall get scholarship to enter this and that, and arguements regarding to the quotas, the type of examination and etc. For my own opinion, the education ministry should have do something before it gets worsen. One of the step they should have to consider is really to have a common examination, not to seperate it, and using different type of examination system and marking scheme for the test. Over here in Malaysia, there are too a lot of type of high schools and also colleges that offer numerous type of examination. If the education ministry want to offer scholarship and the system of the examination are very much different from each other, how to be fair to the students and applicants? They should have to know that without the existency of an unified examination, there will be no justification for the students. Students marking scheme and grading system from matriculation are way much more different that STPM. We could not say that those scored with flying colour in Matriculation system can score in STPM. Sometimes, differenciation of marking scheme will make a huge different as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a great day, I suppose, to Irene. Congratulation for her registration. She is now Mrs Wong, or Madam Lee...lolz... Also, today was another argument day for the Perak Politic typhoon. " Now you are, now you don't!!!" OMG!!! The rulling of who is the Perak MB's result was out. aspected. Appeal successful. I wonder is it so easily to appeal? Anyhow, why is it the fuss of fighting who is the righteous MB for Perak? The state should have re-run a new election for the state. By this, fair and square. A new election for the rakyat to choose for their right and for democracy. If there is no re-election, the fight will be forever never-ending...and who will be those whom is suffering? The rakyat, of course!!! There is a Malay proverbs "Gajah sama gajah berlawan, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah". This is the same situation that will happened, if the politic issue in Perak is a never-ending story. Hopefully, those whom can really make something, please do something, before all the rakyat in Perak suffers! We, as the rakyat, doesn't wanted any fight, but we wanted to have our peace and our life going. The development in Perak will be slowed down, dragged and in worse, Perak will be dramatically out from any investment by foreigner. The economy generation in the state will be extremely slow, and at last, who will suffer even more? The rakyat, of course. If the authority have any mercy and think for the rakyat's sake, please act and do something before the whole Perak when into a total disaster!, my homestate... God bless Perak, God bless the rakyat...!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

谁说爱情不能做比较 vs 爱情不能做比较---

So, do you agree? Says who that love cannot be compared? and Do love really comparable?  Do we compare love? or We actually compare love that is from particular individuals towards us? How are we going to measure love? Can we really  measure it? Imagine if we make comparison of love between each other, be it among friends, among family, among relationship and etc... we really love from our heart? ---Love is incomparable... How far the truth of this statement? Do we mind that it is unfair for us to love so and so more, and no love we have in return?  If you loves so and so, would you really measure how much love you pour in the relationship and vice versa? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for me, if love can be measurable...then love cannot be so will have a limitation, due to its comparable characteristic. I would think that love cannot be compare, cannot be measure...that is wholly my opinion. I would think that love is so diverse that I myself would not be able to experience all love-will I? " If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be no true love,  There shall be no compassion,  There shall be no rainbow from above,  If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be a limitation,  There shall be definite judgment,  There shall be infinite arguments,  If love can be made a comparison..."     (SP Lee)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Save the dogs!!!

HELP the Pulau Ketam's stray dogs!!!  The highlight of Pulau Ketam's stray dogs are still not enough to help them. Malaysia is lack of dog lovers. We need to unite to help them. Donate to the SPCA save pulau ketam's stray dog fund...their details are all stated in the link. The act to starve dogs to death is not a good idea at all. Haven they heard of the fittest survive theory? If the strongest dog survive in aggressiveness and dominance, and if miraculously the dog manage to swim back to the villagers...The dog might have changed into some new behaviour-ed dog. It might already eliminated typical domestic dog behaviour and employ the survival skill it had learned in the island. Now, the dog might become fiercer and, it might pose a dangerous to human. This is not what we wanted! If the villagers do not want more and more stray dogs, they should have neuter/spay their dogs, be it male or female dogs. This will lower the population of the dogs and it will be under control. If they let those dogs keep on loitering and producing, they can be very productive and hence, a lot more stray dogs in the village. To neuter/spay a dog is not expensive at all. If I do not mistaken, I once read in news that it takes only RM 2 to get it done. Or, if RM 2 seems to much, just ensure that you keep your dog nicely in the housing compound, do not let it sway away outside and 'spread' seeds...then I guess, it will also lower down the population of stray dogs...At least, do no need to starve the dogs to death. This is very inhumane!!! Too inhumane. God knows who did this and be assured that one day, you will get the judgement!!!  Imagine we are kept isolated and starve to death...this will be the real dog eat dog situation whereby who is the strongest and fierciest can rule and survive the world. By this, I can be sure that the person who survived this bizzare  environment will turned into a silent walking time bomb. Who knows? Save the the animals....they have rights too, they are creature of God too...they are part of the living earth...  

Saturday, May 9, 2009


when tired, indeed very scary. I thought I can make it, and continue to drive, until... I shut dwon my eyes for just 1 seconds, I swayed from middle lane to da far left lane. Thank GOD...really got to Thank GOD...oh Good Lord... There was no cars behind and also, the car in front was quite far... I immediately pulled aside and rest awhile, also to wash my face before continue the driving journey. Until now, I still can recall that moment... sweat...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gardasil, seminar, dream~

At last, after a gap of 6 months; I finally finished the last jab of Gardasil. I had blogged before regarding to Gardasil, quite some time ago. This means, I had fulfill the requirement to take in all 3 jabs. My friend, Step, told me that the last jab kind of a little bit more painful then the 2 previous jabs. I think, she was correct! This last jab was indeed kind of leaving a longer pain at my upper left arm. Anyhow, I am glad that I had finished the last jab and was done before reaching age of 26. Today, received an email from Stc that there will be a seminar of some microarray stuff by a speaker from Shanghai-organised by Medic Fac. I planned to attend initially, but ended not attending at all! I was kind of late, while rushing to wash some membrane, and doing a log phase culture for competent cell. I reached the meeting room doorway at around 3 plus in the afternoon, I am trying to look around to find some familiar faces...I indeed found some, but all were lecturers there. The speaker already started his presentation for almost more than 30 minutes. I felt like I am dishonouring the speaker by just walking in the meeting like that. So, at last, I cancelled the plan to enter and headed back to the lab to continue my work. Hopefully, tomorrow...Stc won't be calling and asked reasons of not attending. Oh...I suddenly recalled a weird dream of mine today, this early morning when I hit the button of snoozing the alarm and continue my dream. I dreamt that a friend of mine, whom I know during university at Terengganu had labour a baby! I am so shocked, as in I didnt even know that she was married or something like couple. Coincidently, at that monent, I was at her hometown at Sarawak. I went in to her village and pay her a visit. Her mum told me that something bad had happened. I am puzzled. I asked how my friend ended up like this, in such a situation. The mother told me that the brother, came home with friends and raped her. Then, the pregnancy and they do not want to make the, it ended up laboured the baby! I was like OMG! How can it be?! I quickly went in to see her and she indeed confessed and mentioned that until today, the brother and the whole gang of friends haven't been found or caught. I can felt so a lot of anger accumulated in me, I suddenly woke up from the dream. Okok...I also find it abit weird, but this was just a dream......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crap full with seafood...Damn nice!!! The seafood dinner just now at LaLa Chong (old subang airport) was indeed very tasty and fulfilling. The fish and the crabs were super-licious. I would highly recommend those who want to try seafood to try out there. Anyhow, its a little bit pricy.  I am now still indulging with the seafood taste...Relaxing... Am officially resigned from being RA at IMU. So, no more extra income...but more time to focus in the project and follow up with the previous project. I guess, that will be a better step for me to take in... I need luck!!! I definitely need luck...I guess Stc's lab students all needed lucks!!!  Pray for have the lucks... about luck, suddenly remind me of my doggy- lucky chai. I wanted to go back to hometown to see this doggy...So damn missing lucky chai..... Haha...crapping over here... I guess I am stressed out...way stressed out... I can felt my back ears slowly having the same pain that I had have it, when I am infected with shingles. I hope this isn't shingles again...I don't want to have it again! =="

Monday, April 27, 2009

In life...

I learned that hard work will pay,  But not fulfilling, I learned that concerns are not appreciated, So, do not bother to do it anymore, I learned that lies are very much accepted in most circumstances, Especially when lied to those whom cannot accept the truth, I learned that being frank is something miserable, Not all people like to be frank, I learned that each person have their own way, Why want to interrupt? as long as can go along, I learned that being a friend indeed a way too hard, Because people tends to utilise a friend rather than appreciate one, I learned that I have to continue on learning, Never-ending as long as life is in concern...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You are you...I am I

Do I need to repeat myself.... That I am not asking everyone to agree with me... I am just trying to inform about what I see and what I believe... And you are under no obligation to say yes, and you have your right to hold on what you believe... I do not mind and I do not care... What I think I supposed to do, I already done... So, I am just being me, myself... If you are not comfortable with me, you are most welcome to go away... I believe in the world, there are other friend that will walk together with me... I am not hoping to see a similiar me, because I know there would not be another me, I am walking with my principles together with the adaptation of other's principles... Theirs might not be the same with me, and so do mine... So, why bother to change their I can adapt to theirs... I am not going to change mine the same apply to them... In conclusion, you are you, I am are not me, and I am not you...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sad news

A friend told me a sad news. Her pet just died in the afternoon. I was so surprise to hear that. And I was so sorry to hear that too. I did not know what to react. Her big day also coming around the corner, and this happened out of the blue! I hope she will be alright, even though it will be hard to face initially. I hope that she can be strong enough to break through this obstacle. I hope that she will not mourn for long. I hope that she will be fine in time. This maybe is a sign...A sign of something coming in to replace the lost one. I am not so sure how far the truth of 'No Pain No Gain', but as for me, I indeed faced one huge sadness and lost before I can gain what I have been given today. May she get through all this soon, and soon enough; that she will not suffer from the sorrowness. We know she loves her pet very much... May God bless her and her pets... As for her pet, Rest In Peace Amen.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I don't know why, but I have this strange feeling. Not eevn my boss ciao yet, those who are going to take over so overwhelmed by the lab. They seems to be like can't wait to own this lab! WTH!!! Maybe indeed that my boss owned a very well-equipped lab. She just been so thoughtful to the student that she spend the last grant one to purchase all those equipments so that we(the students) do not need to fight for the common equipment. One of the pride is the bench top 5810R refrigerated centrifuge for all type of centrifuge. The changeable rotor makes it so vulnerable for all to use. Everyone seems like so interested in using the bench top. Visitors came in, just to see how great the equipments are! DAMN it, I must admit. I hate to have a feeling that once my boss ciao-ed, the original students won't get the hands to use that equipments anymore! I so dislike when people comes in, especially the soon to take over, brought in people to the new lab, and explore everything that my boss owned. One even asked, if my boss will be taking all out, including the consumable? When I answer she planned to leave it for us-the students, the person was superbly excited--like she is going to inherit all the consumables as well ==". DAMN it, I am really sad to see my boss items to be treated by the person. Some how, this is unavoidable. My boss got to leave, and that's a fact. I hope she will secure a better carrier over there at the new place, and as for me, I hope I can finished this ASAP; so that I won't be seeing those overwhelmed people again. I find it annoying when people not originally owned the lab, suddenly brought in a lot of stranger and asking a lot of question. Say that I am selfish, say that I am solitaire, say that I felt I am easier in my own niche....say whatever that might came across to everyone mind...I don't care. I wanted them to know as well, my boss haven't ciao yet. She will still be here until middle of JUNE. So, don't fucking overwhelmed to take over yet. Before she officially leave, she is still the boss here. And I am still her student. Sigh...having the feeling of disowned is so fucking pathetic. :( : ( : (

Friday, April 10, 2009

My illusion?

I don't know if this was my imagination, I saw wrongly or it was real, or it was something not suppose to be seen. Yesterday, while driving back to hometown after having dinner with my brother at NanDaiMun at NZX; I was quite sure I am in a good condition to drive. We started the journey at around 1930 using the Plus North-South Highway. We pit stopped at the shell petrol station for pumping petrol as well as get some cans of Nescafe Coffee Latte. It was getting dark and darker as the journey goes. Then when reaching one particular spot, I said to my brother that I saw someone near the divider there. He said he did not see, maybe he did not pay attention or notice about it. But as for me, I am so sure I saw someone was there, near the divider, a woman wearing a helmet, with face, and with shadow and the person looks so solid. All I could not understand as in, why at near the divider there. The woman looks like want to cross the road, but that was a highway!? And at that moment, I just mentioned to my brother as in, NOTHING. The my brother as me, if really something; do not say anything now. Just drive and we continue to chit chat. So, there we go...Continued driving until both of us reached Kampar at around 2120. After that, I just planned to forget about the scene and did not mentioned anything. Even until today, I still kept quite about the scene. Well, since I do not plan to tell it out verbally, guess I can blog it. I do not know, if that was real or not. But guess, I really should have tell myself not to say anything when I am driving at night. Then, I guess, things should be better.  After reached home, the hanger of my water bottle torned. I even managed to say to my brother as in, this looks like a bad signal. Well, I do not want to speculate much. Just want to let the scene gone and let it bygone. Am back to hometown for Good Friday and to celebrate the Easter day...  God Bless...

Friday, April 3, 2009


I don't know why.... It is such a small matter, but I felt hurt.... NOT only me who felt it, some at the surrounding also felt the same.... I don't know how to explain.... That this friend of ours just too over with the attitude.... Too indulged with all pampered treatment.... And now I could not help myself.... But to TREAT this friend a LESSON.... I would like this friend to know.... What had been done from the misbehave and bad attitude.... Really make us sick of it.... Make us pissed off.... And most importantly.... HURT our feelings.... And if only this friend know.... If only.... It is really hurt, dissapointing and the wound carried our heart away.... It HURTS!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hard to believe

Things come, when least expected.  Bad and good news in a day. Is it because tomorrow is April fool? Is it too sudden that I hardly believe it is true? Well, I am still stunned...speechless...didn't know how to react. I should have felt very happy, yet the feeling just embeded by some other stuff, some other going on stuff... Alright, I should have gather myself up... There will be always new beginning, when one reaches the end of the path... So true... Until I hardly believe... But now I really admit, Once a door shut, another door opens...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


When I turned myself cool, I really becoming one cold-blooded creature. I won't care anymore about whatever in the surrounding. All I care is how to protect and self-defense myself in the coolness. I becomes hard in showing feelings and emotions. Less warmth, less smiles,..... Indulged into deep seriousness, engulfed by pain.... Pain caused by words, pain caused by naiveness, pain caused warmth turned cold.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's ok........     To FFK.......       It's not wrong, with acceptable reasons.....       Just admit it and try to present next time........       It isn't hard, and it isn't wrong........     Why need to deny, what's the need of denial?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why is it so...?

Why is it always so hard? To heal the wound in my heart, That you had caused when we were apart, And left the rest of my life scarred, Why is it always so sorrow? To have the memories that follow, Which once you had promised to me, And now left emptied together with me, Why is it always so bitter? To think of the day you left makes me shiver, The day you walked away from the love you gave, And from the happiness that we once embraced, Why is it always so painful? To keep the love of ours’ supposed to be meaningful, But this love was destroyed from the moment you say goodbye, And that moment itself this bonds of our love flied. Copyright ©2009  Emmy Sau Peng Lee

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The clothes You wear...revealed---

What others see from your style You tend to be a gentle and pleasant person. You love nature and at least some of the arts, and derive great satisfaction from being helpful. You are stubborn and are not interested in wealth and power. What your nightclothes reveal You are friendly and always in good mood. You are candid and helpful, and can be sexy at times too. What others see from your ties You are kind and friendly. You are an uncomplicated person and enjoy exciting activities. What others see from your belts You are a lonely and demanding person. You are hardworking as well as intelligent, and can be passionate when in love. What others see from your shoes You're very young at heart. You regard freedom highly and don't like to be controlled by a set of rules. You don't like conflict, will compromise wherever possible, and are hardworking people. Occasionally you can become vulnerable when having to face problems, especially emotional ones. What others see from your earrings You are a hardworking people. You are serious and capable. You know what you want out of life, and you go after it. The last analysis You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

In loving memory of Popeye

I hate it, too see human gamble in dog fighting. Curse those who did it, damn it, damn those bastard. I know, I know, mind my own language, but I just can't help.  Ok...I apologise for the cursing, just, damn those bastard who did so.  I watched an episode of 'Bones'...the story was regarding on a master of a dog, uses his dog as a murder weapon; and da master himself actually dislike owning the dog, just because he realise that the puppy that he brought last time can be so "overgrown" and he uses it for dog fighting. What the heck. I hate those people who only love the dog when its still a puppy, and slowly hatred it because it grown up. If can't deal with a dog that can grown up well...find a "TOY DOG". Better still, if cannot bear to rare a dog that can grown up, just don't get one. Don't waste a dog's life just like that. And dog fighting...this is another cruelty that human always have... Why the hell on earth that human think of dog fighting? Gamble on dog fighting? Is it so a lot of fun seeing two creature fighting for nothing, and the one who gain is the master whom rare them that the master thought this is a pay back time from the dog towards the master? These kind of people, you just go to hell...please. I am so pissed off when I see this kind of dog fighting story, those sad dog cases, and irresponsible owners because...I myself seen this. My own dog...when I am small; I uses to take care of the dog, when he is still nursing with the mum. I take him for shower, for walk, and he allow me to get a hitch ride at his back, when he is fully grown up. called 'Popeye'- a brown Pit bull. He looks just so adorable when he was small, so he was, when he was fully grown up. He might looks firece, but he was actually very obedient. He likes to eat the small egg tart that I used to buy at the morning market. He can catched the egg tart in whatever direction I thrown. He was just too loving it. He was huge. That time, when he was fully grown up, I don't even have the ability to walk him. Only my dad or 'sifu'-the man whom always frequent my old house for playing mahjung. I loved to hug him. He is just too hugable.  But... all these remained as memories. Popeye was brought out from the family one day. I did not know why...and I did not dare to ask. But I know from sifu, he was purchased. My dad sold it to another man, whom he always came and dropped by to see popeye. I thought the man so loving Popeye, that he wanted to get Popeye for his own. And that time, my dad just too blinded with money. He thought he can just get another puppy for us, when he got the money. WRONG, definitely wrong. I hate to say, but I don't want that kind of money, IF I know that Popeye was bought over by that man--for dog fighting. The man saw Popeye fits in the category to win in dog fight. The man want to get Popeye in the fighting field. That man, I will forever curse him. I won't forget what he had done to my Popeye. I won't forget how Popeye ended his life, just because he lost in the fighting-due to Popeye was still young. That time, he was just 2 and half years dog. How on earth they put him to fight when he was raise to be a house dog? He wasn't meant to fight. He wasn't trained to be fierce, cold-blooded dog. He was just an ordinary Pit Bull, that was raised as named-Popeye. I heard from sifu, he was euthanasia-ed due to his numerous loss of battle. He was badly inhured from those dog fights, because he wasn't trained to fight like a mad dog...and lastly Popeye was put down to sleep for making the man lost money. After hearing this from sifu, I even can't forget that this man, shall be cursed forever by me. For the lost of Popeye-I have less conversation with my father. I don't feel like I want to talk with him, because he sold my dog-for his own pocket money. He didn't even used that money for the family's sake. I asked my mum, she didn't even know for what reason and for how much Popeye was sold by my father. He is such a jerk. I just can tell you, how a jerk is. If it's not sifu told me, I would thought that Popeye was living happily with another family whom treasure him just as I do. I was wrong. I was totally wrong. I hate myself that I was small at those time...I have no power to voice out, I have no authority to object. This incident thaught me a good lesson. Of what I am today, was the consequences that caused over that time. Frankly speaking, don't tell me that it is wrong to not to speak to my dad because he indirectly murdered my dog. I just don't fucking care that it's right or wrong...All I care was that Popeye lost his life due to his irresponsible attitude as a dog owner. I can still picture how suffering Popeye was, when he was badly injured in dog fight, how he missed us-my sister, my brother and me. I have Popeye when Popeye's eyes weren't open yet, when Popeye was still at the custody of his mother when Popeye still nursing with the rest of his brothers and sisters. 9 of them together. 8 sold, and Popeye was adopted by us, because our previous dog- a mix breed-white in colour canine--named Lucky was gone. I was sad enough, but luckily Popeye was there. But when Popeye was sold, I mourned-I protested-I ignored my dad. However he tried to bring in another dog-which eventually do brighten my day and they are such a fool to thought that I forgot about Popeye. I remember Popeye until today. I remember Popeye forever.   My only regret was that I did not take a lot a lot of Popeye picture. I can only imagine Popeye image with the memory I have. I love every dog that I have.  May Popeye rest in Peace, May God Bless him, May God Be with him. Amen.