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Monday, March 16, 2009

In loving memory of Popeye

I hate it, too see human gamble in dog fighting. Curse those who did it, damn it, damn those bastard. I know, I know, mind my own language, but I just can't help.  Ok...I apologise for the cursing, just, damn those bastard who did so.  I watched an episode of 'Bones'...the story was regarding on a master of a dog, uses his dog as a murder weapon; and da master himself actually dislike owning the dog, just because he realise that the puppy that he brought last time can be so "overgrown" and he uses it for dog fighting. What the heck. I hate those people who only love the dog when its still a puppy, and slowly hatred it because it grown up. If can't deal with a dog that can grown up well...find a "TOY DOG". Better still, if cannot bear to rare a dog that can grown up, just don't get one. Don't waste a dog's life just like that. And dog fighting...this is another cruelty that human always have... Why the hell on earth that human think of dog fighting? Gamble on dog fighting? Is it so a lot of fun seeing two creature fighting for nothing, and the one who gain is the master whom rare them that the master thought this is a pay back time from the dog towards the master? These kind of people, you just go to hell...please. I am so pissed off when I see this kind of dog fighting story, those sad dog cases, and irresponsible owners because...I myself seen this. My own dog...when I am small; I uses to take care of the dog, when he is still nursing with the mum. I take him for shower, for walk, and he allow me to get a hitch ride at his back, when he is fully grown up. called 'Popeye'- a brown Pit bull. He looks just so adorable when he was small, so he was, when he was fully grown up. He might looks firece, but he was actually very obedient. He likes to eat the small egg tart that I used to buy at the morning market. He can catched the egg tart in whatever direction I thrown. He was just too loving it. He was huge. That time, when he was fully grown up, I don't even have the ability to walk him. Only my dad or 'sifu'-the man whom always frequent my old house for playing mahjung. I loved to hug him. He is just too hugable.  But... all these remained as memories. Popeye was brought out from the family one day. I did not know why...and I did not dare to ask. But I know from sifu, he was purchased. My dad sold it to another man, whom he always came and dropped by to see popeye. I thought the man so loving Popeye, that he wanted to get Popeye for his own. And that time, my dad just too blinded with money. He thought he can just get another puppy for us, when he got the money. WRONG, definitely wrong. I hate to say, but I don't want that kind of money, IF I know that Popeye was bought over by that man--for dog fighting. The man saw Popeye fits in the category to win in dog fight. The man want to get Popeye in the fighting field. That man, I will forever curse him. I won't forget what he had done to my Popeye. I won't forget how Popeye ended his life, just because he lost in the fighting-due to Popeye was still young. That time, he was just 2 and half years dog. How on earth they put him to fight when he was raise to be a house dog? He wasn't meant to fight. He wasn't trained to be fierce, cold-blooded dog. He was just an ordinary Pit Bull, that was raised as named-Popeye. I heard from sifu, he was euthanasia-ed due to his numerous loss of battle. He was badly inhured from those dog fights, because he wasn't trained to fight like a mad dog...and lastly Popeye was put down to sleep for making the man lost money. After hearing this from sifu, I even can't forget that this man, shall be cursed forever by me. For the lost of Popeye-I have less conversation with my father. I don't feel like I want to talk with him, because he sold my dog-for his own pocket money. He didn't even used that money for the family's sake. I asked my mum, she didn't even know for what reason and for how much Popeye was sold by my father. He is such a jerk. I just can tell you, how a jerk is. If it's not sifu told me, I would thought that Popeye was living happily with another family whom treasure him just as I do. I was wrong. I was totally wrong. I hate myself that I was small at those time...I have no power to voice out, I have no authority to object. This incident thaught me a good lesson. Of what I am today, was the consequences that caused over that time. Frankly speaking, don't tell me that it is wrong to not to speak to my dad because he indirectly murdered my dog. I just don't fucking care that it's right or wrong...All I care was that Popeye lost his life due to his irresponsible attitude as a dog owner. I can still picture how suffering Popeye was, when he was badly injured in dog fight, how he missed us-my sister, my brother and me. I have Popeye when Popeye's eyes weren't open yet, when Popeye was still at the custody of his mother when Popeye still nursing with the rest of his brothers and sisters. 9 of them together. 8 sold, and Popeye was adopted by us, because our previous dog- a mix breed-white in colour canine--named Lucky was gone. I was sad enough, but luckily Popeye was there. But when Popeye was sold, I mourned-I protested-I ignored my dad. However he tried to bring in another dog-which eventually do brighten my day and they are such a fool to thought that I forgot about Popeye. I remember Popeye until today. I remember Popeye forever.   My only regret was that I did not take a lot a lot of Popeye picture. I can only imagine Popeye image with the memory I have. I love every dog that I have.  May Popeye rest in Peace, May God Bless him, May God Be with him. Amen.

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