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Saturday, April 18, 2009


I don't know why, but I have this strange feeling. Not eevn my boss ciao yet, those who are going to take over so overwhelmed by the lab. They seems to be like can't wait to own this lab! WTH!!! Maybe indeed that my boss owned a very well-equipped lab. She just been so thoughtful to the student that she spend the last grant one to purchase all those equipments so that we(the students) do not need to fight for the common equipment. One of the pride is the bench top 5810R refrigerated centrifuge for all type of centrifuge. The changeable rotor makes it so vulnerable for all to use. Everyone seems like so interested in using the bench top. Visitors came in, just to see how great the equipments are! DAMN it, I must admit. I hate to have a feeling that once my boss ciao-ed, the original students won't get the hands to use that equipments anymore! I so dislike when people comes in, especially the soon to take over, brought in people to the new lab, and explore everything that my boss owned. One even asked, if my boss will be taking all out, including the consumable? When I answer she planned to leave it for us-the students, the person was superbly excited--like she is going to inherit all the consumables as well ==". DAMN it, I am really sad to see my boss items to be treated by the person. Some how, this is unavoidable. My boss got to leave, and that's a fact. I hope she will secure a better carrier over there at the new place, and as for me, I hope I can finished this ASAP; so that I won't be seeing those overwhelmed people again. I find it annoying when people not originally owned the lab, suddenly brought in a lot of stranger and asking a lot of question. Say that I am selfish, say that I am solitaire, say that I felt I am easier in my own niche....say whatever that might came across to everyone mind...I don't care. I wanted them to know as well, my boss haven't ciao yet. She will still be here until middle of JUNE. So, don't fucking overwhelmed to take over yet. Before she officially leave, she is still the boss here. And I am still her student. Sigh...having the feeling of disowned is so fucking pathetic. :( : ( : (

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