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Friday, April 10, 2009

My illusion?

I don't know if this was my imagination, I saw wrongly or it was real, or it was something not suppose to be seen. Yesterday, while driving back to hometown after having dinner with my brother at NanDaiMun at NZX; I was quite sure I am in a good condition to drive. We started the journey at around 1930 using the Plus North-South Highway. We pit stopped at the shell petrol station for pumping petrol as well as get some cans of Nescafe Coffee Latte. It was getting dark and darker as the journey goes. Then when reaching one particular spot, I said to my brother that I saw someone near the divider there. He said he did not see, maybe he did not pay attention or notice about it. But as for me, I am so sure I saw someone was there, near the divider, a woman wearing a helmet, with face, and with shadow and the person looks so solid. All I could not understand as in, why at near the divider there. The woman looks like want to cross the road, but that was a highway!? And at that moment, I just mentioned to my brother as in, NOTHING. The my brother as me, if really something; do not say anything now. Just drive and we continue to chit chat. So, there we go...Continued driving until both of us reached Kampar at around 2120. After that, I just planned to forget about the scene and did not mentioned anything. Even until today, I still kept quite about the scene. Well, since I do not plan to tell it out verbally, guess I can blog it. I do not know, if that was real or not. But guess, I really should have tell myself not to say anything when I am driving at night. Then, I guess, things should be better.  After reached home, the hanger of my water bottle torned. I even managed to say to my brother as in, this looks like a bad signal. Well, I do not want to speculate much. Just want to let the scene gone and let it bygone. Am back to hometown for Good Friday and to celebrate the Easter day...  God Bless...

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