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Thursday, April 23, 2009

sad news

A friend told me a sad news. Her pet just died in the afternoon. I was so surprise to hear that. And I was so sorry to hear that too. I did not know what to react. Her big day also coming around the corner, and this happened out of the blue! I hope she will be alright, even though it will be hard to face initially. I hope that she can be strong enough to break through this obstacle. I hope that she will not mourn for long. I hope that she will be fine in time. This maybe is a sign...A sign of something coming in to replace the lost one. I am not so sure how far the truth of 'No Pain No Gain', but as for me, I indeed faced one huge sadness and lost before I can gain what I have been given today. May she get through all this soon, and soon enough; that she will not suffer from the sorrowness. We know she loves her pet very much... May God bless her and her pets... As for her pet, Rest In Peace Amen.

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