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Sunday, April 26, 2009

You are you...I am I

Do I need to repeat myself.... That I am not asking everyone to agree with me... I am just trying to inform about what I see and what I believe... And you are under no obligation to say yes, and you have your right to hold on what you believe... I do not mind and I do not care... What I think I supposed to do, I already done... So, I am just being me, myself... If you are not comfortable with me, you are most welcome to go away... I believe in the world, there are other friend that will walk together with me... I am not hoping to see a similiar me, because I know there would not be another me, I am walking with my principles together with the adaptation of other's principles... Theirs might not be the same with me, and so do mine... So, why bother to change their I can adapt to theirs... I am not going to change mine the same apply to them... In conclusion, you are you, I am are not me, and I am not you...

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