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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I do not understand...

...Words came out trully as suggestion and opinion, sounds like words that kills and they were disasters... Advice that came out from a concern friend, sounds like a tease... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe I tried too hard to be a good person and a good friend... Maybe I should have to learn how to become evil... Maybe I just need not to care... Maybe I should have let it all be...   " I am not changing you, I need you to know; if that is not what you want to hear, I would not be talking it anymore. I have done what a friend should do; the rest all depends to you. "

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Every year, there will be arguement regarding to whom shall get scholarship to enter this and that, and arguements regarding to the quotas, the type of examination and etc. For my own opinion, the education ministry should have do something before it gets worsen. One of the step they should have to consider is really to have a common examination, not to seperate it, and using different type of examination system and marking scheme for the test. Over here in Malaysia, there are too a lot of type of high schools and also colleges that offer numerous type of examination. If the education ministry want to offer scholarship and the system of the examination are very much different from each other, how to be fair to the students and applicants? They should have to know that without the existency of an unified examination, there will be no justification for the students. Students marking scheme and grading system from matriculation are way much more different that STPM. We could not say that those scored with flying colour in Matriculation system can score in STPM. Sometimes, differenciation of marking scheme will make a huge different as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a great day, I suppose, to Irene. Congratulation for her registration. She is now Mrs Wong, or Madam Lee...lolz... Also, today was another argument day for the Perak Politic typhoon. " Now you are, now you don't!!!" OMG!!! The rulling of who is the Perak MB's result was out. aspected. Appeal successful. I wonder is it so easily to appeal? Anyhow, why is it the fuss of fighting who is the righteous MB for Perak? The state should have re-run a new election for the state. By this, fair and square. A new election for the rakyat to choose for their right and for democracy. If there is no re-election, the fight will be forever never-ending...and who will be those whom is suffering? The rakyat, of course!!! There is a Malay proverbs "Gajah sama gajah berlawan, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah". This is the same situation that will happened, if the politic issue in Perak is a never-ending story. Hopefully, those whom can really make something, please do something, before all the rakyat in Perak suffers! We, as the rakyat, doesn't wanted any fight, but we wanted to have our peace and our life going. The development in Perak will be slowed down, dragged and in worse, Perak will be dramatically out from any investment by foreigner. The economy generation in the state will be extremely slow, and at last, who will suffer even more? The rakyat, of course. If the authority have any mercy and think for the rakyat's sake, please act and do something before the whole Perak when into a total disaster!, my homestate... God bless Perak, God bless the rakyat...!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

谁说爱情不能做比较 vs 爱情不能做比较---

So, do you agree? Says who that love cannot be compared? and Do love really comparable?  Do we compare love? or We actually compare love that is from particular individuals towards us? How are we going to measure love? Can we really  measure it? Imagine if we make comparison of love between each other, be it among friends, among family, among relationship and etc... we really love from our heart? ---Love is incomparable... How far the truth of this statement? Do we mind that it is unfair for us to love so and so more, and no love we have in return?  If you loves so and so, would you really measure how much love you pour in the relationship and vice versa? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for me, if love can be measurable...then love cannot be so will have a limitation, due to its comparable characteristic. I would think that love cannot be compare, cannot be measure...that is wholly my opinion. I would think that love is so diverse that I myself would not be able to experience all love-will I? " If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be no true love,  There shall be no compassion,  There shall be no rainbow from above,  If love can be made a comparison,  There shall be a limitation,  There shall be definite judgment,  There shall be infinite arguments,  If love can be made a comparison..."     (SP Lee)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Save the dogs!!!

HELP the Pulau Ketam's stray dogs!!!  The highlight of Pulau Ketam's stray dogs are still not enough to help them. Malaysia is lack of dog lovers. We need to unite to help them. Donate to the SPCA save pulau ketam's stray dog fund...their details are all stated in the link. The act to starve dogs to death is not a good idea at all. Haven they heard of the fittest survive theory? If the strongest dog survive in aggressiveness and dominance, and if miraculously the dog manage to swim back to the villagers...The dog might have changed into some new behaviour-ed dog. It might already eliminated typical domestic dog behaviour and employ the survival skill it had learned in the island. Now, the dog might become fiercer and, it might pose a dangerous to human. This is not what we wanted! If the villagers do not want more and more stray dogs, they should have neuter/spay their dogs, be it male or female dogs. This will lower the population of the dogs and it will be under control. If they let those dogs keep on loitering and producing, they can be very productive and hence, a lot more stray dogs in the village. To neuter/spay a dog is not expensive at all. If I do not mistaken, I once read in news that it takes only RM 2 to get it done. Or, if RM 2 seems to much, just ensure that you keep your dog nicely in the housing compound, do not let it sway away outside and 'spread' seeds...then I guess, it will also lower down the population of stray dogs...At least, do no need to starve the dogs to death. This is very inhumane!!! Too inhumane. God knows who did this and be assured that one day, you will get the judgement!!!  Imagine we are kept isolated and starve to death...this will be the real dog eat dog situation whereby who is the strongest and fierciest can rule and survive the world. By this, I can be sure that the person who survived this bizzare  environment will turned into a silent walking time bomb. Who knows? Save the the animals....they have rights too, they are creature of God too...they are part of the living earth...  

Saturday, May 9, 2009


when tired, indeed very scary. I thought I can make it, and continue to drive, until... I shut dwon my eyes for just 1 seconds, I swayed from middle lane to da far left lane. Thank GOD...really got to Thank GOD...oh Good Lord... There was no cars behind and also, the car in front was quite far... I immediately pulled aside and rest awhile, also to wash my face before continue the driving journey. Until now, I still can recall that moment... sweat...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gardasil, seminar, dream~

At last, after a gap of 6 months; I finally finished the last jab of Gardasil. I had blogged before regarding to Gardasil, quite some time ago. This means, I had fulfill the requirement to take in all 3 jabs. My friend, Step, told me that the last jab kind of a little bit more painful then the 2 previous jabs. I think, she was correct! This last jab was indeed kind of leaving a longer pain at my upper left arm. Anyhow, I am glad that I had finished the last jab and was done before reaching age of 26. Today, received an email from Stc that there will be a seminar of some microarray stuff by a speaker from Shanghai-organised by Medic Fac. I planned to attend initially, but ended not attending at all! I was kind of late, while rushing to wash some membrane, and doing a log phase culture for competent cell. I reached the meeting room doorway at around 3 plus in the afternoon, I am trying to look around to find some familiar faces...I indeed found some, but all were lecturers there. The speaker already started his presentation for almost more than 30 minutes. I felt like I am dishonouring the speaker by just walking in the meeting like that. So, at last, I cancelled the plan to enter and headed back to the lab to continue my work. Hopefully, tomorrow...Stc won't be calling and asked reasons of not attending. Oh...I suddenly recalled a weird dream of mine today, this early morning when I hit the button of snoozing the alarm and continue my dream. I dreamt that a friend of mine, whom I know during university at Terengganu had labour a baby! I am so shocked, as in I didnt even know that she was married or something like couple. Coincidently, at that monent, I was at her hometown at Sarawak. I went in to her village and pay her a visit. Her mum told me that something bad had happened. I am puzzled. I asked how my friend ended up like this, in such a situation. The mother told me that the brother, came home with friends and raped her. Then, the pregnancy and they do not want to make the, it ended up laboured the baby! I was like OMG! How can it be?! I quickly went in to see her and she indeed confessed and mentioned that until today, the brother and the whole gang of friends haven't been found or caught. I can felt so a lot of anger accumulated in me, I suddenly woke up from the dream. Okok...I also find it abit weird, but this was just a dream......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crap full with seafood...Damn nice!!! The seafood dinner just now at LaLa Chong (old subang airport) was indeed very tasty and fulfilling. The fish and the crabs were super-licious. I would highly recommend those who want to try seafood to try out there. Anyhow, its a little bit pricy.  I am now still indulging with the seafood taste...Relaxing... Am officially resigned from being RA at IMU. So, no more extra income...but more time to focus in the project and follow up with the previous project. I guess, that will be a better step for me to take in... I need luck!!! I definitely need luck...I guess Stc's lab students all needed lucks!!!  Pray for have the lucks... about luck, suddenly remind me of my doggy- lucky chai. I wanted to go back to hometown to see this doggy...So damn missing lucky chai..... Haha...crapping over here... I guess I am stressed out...way stressed out... I can felt my back ears slowly having the same pain that I had have it, when I am infected with shingles. I hope this isn't shingles again...I don't want to have it again! =="